Enterprise Performance Reporting Cloud


Reinvent Your Narrative Reporting Processes

Enterprise Performance Reporting Cloud is a secure, collaborative, and process driven service for defining, authoring, reviewing, and publishing financial and management report packages


Streamline your report creation and distribution process


Work with content contributors and reviewers


Use mobile or desktop--when you want, how you want


Produce book-quality financial and management reports

Information Access
Easy Integration with Oracle and non-Oracle Sources

Leverage existing IT investments to quickly integrate data from multiple on-premise and cloud sources including spreadsheets, EPM applications, OBIEE content and native databases

Multi-Dimensional Reporting Platform

Leverage Oracle Essbase capabilities in the cloud for providing hierarchical and dimensional analysis on financial data

Enterprise Awareness

Achieve integrated financial decisions and drive insights into financial impacts

Intuitive and Flexible Authoring Environment

Create grids, charts and reports using Microsoft Office tools

Document Lifecycle Management and Control

Document check in/out with access permissions and multiple version control


Users collaborate directly on content to incorporate review feedback

Integrate Structured and Narrative Content

Combine financial statements and data with textual narrative to produce a single stylized report package

Collaboration and Workflow
Multiple Users Working Together

Manage the distributed development of report sections across multiple users

Review and Commentary

Perform review cycles and commentary for individual report sections as well as the entire report package

Notifications on Tasks Due

Users are notified of upcoming deadlines and deliverables

Process Flow, Approvals and Status Reporting

Approve report sections and monitor overall report completion status on mobile or web

Publishing and Delivery
Internal Reports and Ad Hoc Analysis

Access reports via mobile, web or Microsoft Office

Books of Managerial and Financial Reports

Group reports to produce executive briefing books and other books of financial record

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