What is Oracle Enterprise Data Management Cloud?

Oracle Enterprise Data Management Cloud is a next generation solution for agile business transformation that helps business users manage enterprise data assets (such as the Chart of Accounts) using a self-service experience to manage changes to application metadata, dimensions, hierarchies, mappings, and related attributes.

What key use cases does Oracle Enterprise Data Management Cloud support?

Oracle Enterprise Data Management Cloud supports the use cases listed below.
  • Align Business Applications: Help enterprises manage change events large and small across the enterprise, integrate on-going business changes into operational and analytical applications across your heterogeneous, multi-cloud environment, and eliminate duplicate maintenance, enforce business rules, and build alignment across alternate business perspectives.
  • Assimilate Acquisitions: Navigate major business and financial transformations resulting from mergers, acquisitions, or spinoffs by modeling scenarios, evaluating alternatives, and designing structures that are relevant to the future state and competitiveness of your enterprise.
  • Accelerate Cloud Migration: Design next generation business models, compare them to legacy structures, map them for hybrid cloud coexistence in a multi-cloud deployment, and deploy them to build out new cloud applications, migrate on-premises applications to the cloud, or build alignment between group finance and divisions.

What are the differentiating elements of Oracle Enterprise Data Management Cloud?

Oracle's Enterprise Data Management Cloud's differentiating elements are listed below.
  • Modern User Experience: Built-in data visualizations make proposed changes to complex data structures easy to absorb, analyze impact, make changes, and consume. Utilize a shopping cart metaphor to simplify the process for requesting changes, build or maintain alternate hierarchies, construct data maps, and share data across business perspectives.
  • Application and Maintenance Views: Organize enterprise data by application or by domain. Instantiate first-class application views of your dimensions, hierarchies, and related attributes. Utilize maintenance views to propose, evaluate, and harmonize changes by domain across applications.
  • Change Requests: Submit, visualize, validate, and commit complex structural changes using atomic units of batched changes called requests. Use requests to add, insert, move, remove, delete, or reorder enterprise data assets. Create requests interactively or load from a file. Augment requests with tools for comparison and validation to highlight items with structural differences or policy violations.
  • Application Wizards: Connect with any business application in your hybrid cloud ecosystem using wizards. Utilize packaged application wizards for applications like Oracle Enterprise Planning and Budgeting Cloud to establish live connections, generate application views, and import and export data. Use a custom application wizard to integrate with other applications, in the cloud or on-premises.
  • Share and Map Data: Copy and share enterprise data to create alternate hierarchies. Jumpstart new cloud applications through the reuse of existing value sets and hierarchies. Construct and distribute data maps to enable cloud migration, hybrid coexistence, or assimilate enterprise data assets from acquisitions.
  • Audit Changes: Every change that is committed is recorded as part of a rich, request audit trail. Provision read-only views to external auditors as needed to simplify interaction and demonstrate transparency.
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