Sales Performance Management

Improve sales effectiveness and achieve target revenue goals with process automation and advanced planning tools.

Mobile Compensation Tracking

Mobile Commissions App
Offers a view of earnings, credits, and payment transactions.
Compensation Dashboards
Show sales reps how they are performing individually and show sales managers their team's performance against their goals.
Recognize Top Performers
Offer non-cash incentives, leader boards, scorecards, and gamification to further incentivize and reward desired behaviors.

Guided Sales Coaching

Analyze Top Performers
Uncover best practices used to transition "B players" into top performers.
Public Recognition
Construct leader boards and scorecards to further recognize and reward sales performance.
Real-Time Collaboration
Initiate real-time coaching conversations around specific sales activities using Oracle Social Network.

Intelligent Sales Planning

Optimize Sales Coverage with Balanced Territories
Build complex sales territories based on geography, business unit, product line, industry, named accounts, or any other custom attribute, across multiple sales channels.
White Space Analysis
Identify and focus on accounts with the highest revenue potential.
Align Individual Quotas and Goals to Sales Strategy
Define any number of sales goals to align with top-down sales objectives.
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