Service Center

Access a complete customer picture within highly responsive and intuitive interfaces.

Service Issue Management

Service Request Tracking
Easily track service requests for customers and partners, even as they traverse across multiple channels.
Agent Productivity
Provide agents with a highly intuitive and efficient agent experience.
In-Context Sales and Service Collaboration
Collaborate and share service requests and other activities associated to service requests.

Multi Business Unit Support

Maintain Team Processes
Enable each service organization to define its own service process.
Prioritize Assignments
Prioritize and assign work differently between business units.
Cross-Service Visibility
Allow certain users visibility into service requests across different service departments.

Service Analysis

Agent Productivity
Make informed decisions on agent and team performance with detailed performance analytics.
Service Request Analytics
Take action swiftly by easily reviewing critical details of all service requests.
Omni-Channel Analytics
Attain insight and track interactions across all channels available.
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Call us now
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