Partner Relationship Management

Manage indirect sales and channel activities effectively and accurately.

Brand-Ready Partner Portal

Actionable Dashboards
Partners view key metrics and status of all deals and action items.
Lead Scoring
Collaborative interface pre-scores leads and captures partner feedback upon qualification.
Powerful Customer Data
Customer details and history are provided for critical context around leads provided.

Channel Program Management

Monitor Partner Performance
Provide guidance and support through partner deal cycles.
Leverage Social Collaboration
Invite partners to participate in conversations via Oracle Social Network.
Streamline Partner Evaluations
Use assessments to evaluate partner performance against key criteria.

Coordinated Sales Tracking

Deal Registration
Eliminate conflicts by automatically checking for duplicate opportunities.
Facilitate Custom Partner Pricing
Create and send quotes to partners with discounted partner pricing, integrated with Oracle ERP systems.
Manage Market Development Funds
Review and approve market development fund (MDF) requests and reimbursement claims from channel partners and track spending against budgets.

Automated Assignment

Streamline the Process
Distribute leads to partners automatically using territory and rule-based assignment.
Easy Lead Processing
Partners accept or reject leads through email, without logging in to Engagement Cloud.
Manually Assign Open Leads
Channel managers assign multiple open leads to a partner with one click.
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Call us now
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