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Oracle Senior VP Chris Leone delivers his General Session keynote, “Product Innovations in the Cloud,” and Deloitte Principal Michael Stephan delivers his keynote, “Rewriting the Rules for the Digital Age,” at Oracle OpenWorld 2017.
See how Oracle Work Life Solutions, part of the Oracle HCM Cloud, helps organizations embrace teamwork and supercharge employee productivity.
Create tomorrow, today with the simply powerful Oracle HCM Cloud, augmenting human capabilities with powerful adaptive intelligence to prepare organizations for the future. Know enough to get work done and increase organizational productivity.
Bridge the productivity gap with Oracle's simply powerful HCM Cloud that is intelligent, personal, adaptable, and complete. Employees can then overcome information overload and digital fatigue, make the right decisions, and drive actions faster.
Employees are now empowered to use the same emerging technology and devices that they use in their personal lives, in a way that feels more natural to them. Make work more human with the simply powerful Oracle HCM Cloud.
The experience to access a HCM solution needs to be intuitive and consistent so that employees easily find what they need to get work done. Humanize the employee experience with the simply powerful HCM Cloud.
A newsfeed-style user interface, consistency across devices, and a digital HR assistant make work more enjoyable and smarter. Oracle HCM Cloud - simply powerful.
Artificial Intelligence (AI) and machine learning quickly present information to people so they can make data-driven decisions. Augment humanity at work with AI and the Oracle HCM Cloud - simply powerful.
Drivestream, a leading provider of management and IT consulting services, discusses the importance of Oracle Work Life Solutions and how they can keep employees engaged and productive.
Discover how Oracle HCM Cloud can empower your entire workforce.
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