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HCM Digibook – HR Transformation: Aligning People and the Business

Explore the key questions and practical steps HR leaders, their peers, and their teams must address to create a function that is capable of supporting wider organizational strategy—and helping businesses compete—in an ever-changing world.

Modernizing Business with Digital Technologies

The rapid pace in change of business today is no longer news; it’s an accepted condition every organization must deal with if it hopes to maximize its success.

Strategies for Inspiring and Retaining Talent in the Face of Organizational Transformation

At the heart of organizational transformation are people and culture. For executives charged with managing talent, big changes can translate into big challenges. How do you help employees navigate the new work environment? Here are four proven strategies that help HR leaders inspire and retain top talent.

The Chemistry of High Performance

Over the last several years we have seen many trends bubble to the top of the HCM world. Each January brings with it research papers and forecasts of what is hot for the coming year and trends we need to adopt, or at the very least, pay attention to. These predictions come from a number of sources: consulting groups, publications, and vendors with solutions for those very trends on the horizon.

Top 5 Reasons Midsize Companies Switch to Oracle HCM Cloud

Learn from existing midsize organizations that have made the switch from their first generation HR systems to Oracle's Modern HCM Cloud designed to attract, retain, and develop top talent.

Oracle SMB Blog

Your growing business demands speed, scale, and agility. There’s no place for slow and steady. That's why we're in the Business of GO.
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