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Oracle Talent Management

Oracle Talent Management manages core talent management processes that keep your talent engaged and help them be more strategic and productive in their work.

Oracle Career Development

Oracle Career Development provides a way for employees to identify career opportunities and maintain a development plan to bring them closer to their career goals.

Oracle Goal Management

As an integral part of Oracle Human Capital Management (HCM), Oracle Goal Management provides organizations a best-in-class solution to track and manage organizational and individual goals and closely align them with the overall talent management process.

Oracle Learning

As a central part of your growth and learning strategy, Oracle Learning Cloud will enable your organization to quickly respond to changes in the business environment, increase productivity through collaboration, and enable knowledge sharing across different communities.

Oracle Performance Management

An integral part of Oracle Human Capital Management (HCM) solution, Oracle Performance Management fully automates the performance process and provides executives, managers, and employees with valuable and immediate insight to workforce performance progression and its alignment with organizational objectives.

Oracle Recruiting Cloud

Finding the best talent and hiring them quickly can be difficult in today's competitive environment. Oracle Recruiting Cloud addresses these common challenges of recruiting and takes this process into the modern era by leveraging a data-driven approach and a mobile-first user interface (UI) to source and engage both internal and external candidates, and apply business insights across all of HCM for better hiring decisions.

Oracle Talent Acquisition

Hiring better employees creates long-term competitive advantages that lead to increased customer satisfaction and revenue growth. The Oracle Talent Acquisition Cloud helps organizations reach hard-to-find talent, hire the right people, and get them productive more quickly.

Oracle Talent Review and Succession Management

Oracle Talent Review and Succession Management leverages the power of the talent profile to provide the most complete, integrated talent review and succession solution.
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