Highly durable cloud storage to protect and serve your mission-critical data

Accelerate a broad range of high performance applications with your choice of high IO block storage, and durable, high-throughput object storage.


Meet and exceed storage needs of even the most demanding applications


Protect your data in an integrated fashion throughout its lifecycle


Enable database, analytics, content, and other applications across common protocols and APIs


Scale your storage needs as your application grows, paying only for what you consume

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Storage Offerings

Oracle offers persistent IO-intensive block storage and high-throughput object storage options to handle multiple application types, and data at different lifecycle stages. Each is manageable through the console and by CLI.

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Block Volumes

Oracle Block Volumes provides high-speed storage capacity with seamless data protection and recovery. Network-attached block volumes deliver low latency, and 25,000 IOPS and 320 MBps per block volume.
Improve the availability, performance, and security of your Tier 1 applications, increasing your customer service levels.

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Object Storage

Oracle Object Storage offers an unlimited amount of capacity, automatically replicating and healing data across multiple fault domains for high durability and data integrity.
Enhance the scale and performance of content-rich, analytic, and backup applications to serve more customers and achieve results faster.

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Archive Storage

Oracle Archive Storage is an extremely cost efficient cloud storage tier, suitable for securely and durably storing large amounts of infrequently accessed data.
Break free from one size fits all approach to storage. Tier your data to store infrequently accessed data on Oracle Archive Storage and frequently accessed data on Oracle Object Storage.

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure File Storage

Oracle File Storage delivers a persistent shared filesystem in the cloud with massive scalability, availability, durability, and performance. File Storage supports NFSv3, snapshots, and encryption.
Take advantage of dynamic, enterprise grade file storage service that scales to meet the structured and unstructured storage needs of enterprise customers.

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Data Transfer Service

Oracle Data Transfer Service is a simple and cost effective way to upload large amounts of data to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure for one time data migration or periodic data upload.
Use the Data Transfer Service to move any type of data to the Oracle cloud, from migrating on-premise databases, data on filers or just multimedia content. Import data to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure by copying data to hard drives and shipping them to Oracle. Oracle uploads data to your account, using high speed network connectivity.
Oracle Cloud Infrastructure File Storage Service is built from the ground up for scalability and security.
Storage industry veterans discuss the endless possibilities brought on by modern cloud storage and enterprise IaaS.
Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Archive Storage is purpose-built to store all your long living, infrequently accessed data.
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