Fast and reliable cloud storage options for all enterprise workloads

From blazingly fast local SSD to the most durable and cost-effective archive, Oracle offers scalable and secure cloud storage options for your mission-critical data.

Advanced SSD Technology, Delivered on the Fastest Network

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure storage options consistently deliver the highest performance benchmarks at the most competitive prices in the industry.
  • NVMe SSD technology delivers performance for the most demanding applications
  • Fast and predictable access on non-oversubscribed 25 Gbps flat networks, no locality issues
  • Cloud storage services that support the most demanding Database, HPC, Analytics and Big Data workloads
  • Priced by capacity, not by performance, delivering over 90% savings at scale
  • Enterprise data lifecycle management solutions, policy based backup and restore, migration, and DR
  • The only cloud storage solution backed by a performance SLA

Available Cloud Storage Options

Oracle offers Local NVMe SSD’s and Block Volumes for IO-intensive application types, File Storage for enterprise applications, Object Storage for internet accessible storage of unstructured data, and Archive Storage for long term reliable archival. Each is manageable through the console and by CLI.
Local NVMe SSD
- DenseIO VMs and Bare Metal Instances
- Up to 51.2 TB
- Millions of IOPS
- 10 – 100 Microsecond latency
Block Volumes
- Based on NVMe SSD technology
- Very aggressive price-performance
- 32 TB / volume, up to 1 PB / instance
- 60 IOPS / GB, 320 MBPS, < 1ms latency
File Storage
- Start with KBs, scale up to Exabytes
- NFS v3, full POSIX semantics
- Highly available, distributed filesystem
- Support for incremental snapshots
Object Storage
- Unlimited scalability
- Distributed, highly available, self healing
- IAM integration, at-rest encryption
- Archive storage option: 90% lower cost
Storage Gateway
- Expose cloud Object Storage as NFS v4
- Provide cloud storage to on-premises apps
- Caching for near local NAS performance
- Data protected at rest and in motion
Data Transfer
- Securely move petabyte-scale data to the cloud
- Use Data Transfer Appliances or your own hard drives
- Free, pay only for target storage

Cloud Storage Use Cases

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure provides cloud storage services for a wide spectrum of applications from small websites to the most demanding enterprise applications.

Highest Performance, Lowest Latency Workloads – Local NVMe SSD

When the ultimate in performance is required, local NVMe SSD’s provide extreme storage performance for VM’s and bare metal compute instances. Examples include relational databases, data warehousing, big data, analytics, AI and HPC applications.

High Performance Workloads with Large Data Sets – Block Volumes

High performance, persistent cloud storage for a wide range of application workloads. Block volumes can scale to 1 PB per compute instance. Typical workloads include NoSQL databases, Hadoop/HDFS applications, IoT and eCommerce applications. See Block Volumes.

Scalable, Highly Available, Shared File System – File Storage

Easy to implement file-system that can be shared across many applications from all operating systems. Start small and scale as data grows. Perfect for migration of on-premises applications, media management, content management, and web applications. See File Storage.

Store Any Kind of Data, Access from the Internet – Object Storage

Scalable, affordable, reliable, and durable storage of files, data, photos and other media types. Typical workloads include media archives, data lakes, and data protection applications like backup and restore. See Object Storage.

Low Cost, Longterm Retention of Any Kind of Data – Archive Storage

Extremely reliable and durable object storage at one tenth of the cost of Oracle Object Storage. Using the same APIs as Object Storage. Archive storage frequently plays a role in data lifecycle management and replaces traditional offsite storage. See Archive Storage.

Migrate Application Data Asynchronously to the Cloud - Storage Gateway

Augment on-premises storage infrastructure. Storage Gateway cache lets you tier data by asynchronously moving cold data to the cloud. Seamlessly leverage the price-performance advantage of highly durable and secure Oracle Object and Archive Storage. See Storage Gateway.

Convenient Data Migration to the Cloud – Data Transfer

Securely move data from on-premises datacenters to the cloud, whether a few terabytes or petabytes. This service reduces data migration times from weeks or months to just hours. See Data Transfer Options.


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