Enterprise Hybrid Cloud Storage

Extend on-premises data center to the cloud
Expose Object Storage buckets as traditional NFSv4 mount points. Enables applications running on-premises to efficiently store data on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Object Storage, without making any modifications to the uptake REST APIs.
Migrate data asynchronously to the cloud
Augment on-premises storage infrastructure. Storage Gateway lets you tier data by asynchronously moving cold and hot data to the cloud. Seamlessly leverage the price-performance advantage of the highly durable and secure Oracle Object and Archive Storage.
File to object transparency
Files are written to Object Storage in their original format, without modification or translation. Access your files using Storage Gateway, directly from the Object Storage bucket, or using Oracle APIs, SDKs, HDFS connector, the CLI and Console, and other third-party tools. A refresh operation in Storage Gateway lets you ingest data that was added or modified directly in the Object Storage bucket by other applications.
Data consolidation
Consolidate branch office data in the Oracle Cloud and avoid the errors and costs of forecasting and purchasing storage infrastructure separately for every branch office.
Multiple management interfaces
Use any supported Object Storage tool, including CLI, SDK, the CLI or Console, or third-party tools and freeware like Cyberduck or CloudBerry to manage data in the cloud.


Local NAS-like performance
Achieve near local NAS performance by leveraging read/write caching.
Configurable cache
Customize the cache to support your custom workloads.
Cache pinning
You can pin frequently accessed data to the Storage Gateway cache for quick access and superior performance.
Automatic cache cleanup
When you write a file to Storage Gateway, the file is initially stored in cache and then asynchronously uploaded to Object Storage. Storage Gateway automatically removes files from cache that have been uploaded to the cloud and that have not been explicitly pinned to cache. Cache reclamation optimizes Storage Gateway performance.

Data Security

Data encryption at rest
By default, all data uploaded to the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure from Storage Gateway is encrypted at rest, using the AES 256 encryption algorithm.
Security of data in motion
Data is uploaded and downloaded from the cloud over secure SSL endpoints using the HTTPS protocol.
Integrated with Oracle Identity Management
Access to data in the cloud is managed using tight integration with Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Identity and Access Management.


Intuitive user interface
Set up and manage Storage Gateway with an intuitive user interface. Storage Gateway exposes an NFS mount point that can be mounted to any host that supports an NFSv4 client. Storage Gateway mount point maps to an Object Storage bucket in Oracle Cloud Infrastructure. Storage Gateway then replicates data changes to the connected Object Storage bucket.
Monitor upload activity
Monitor data upload to the cloud from the Storage Gateway management console.
Monitor system health
Monitor the overall system health status from the Storage Gateway management console.
Transfer on-premises files
Use the Storage Gateway cloud sync utility to transfer and synchronize your data between on-premises NAS and Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Object Storage.

Data Integrity

Built-in resiliency
Quick recovery from crashes by spawning off a new instance of Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Storage Gateway minimizes data loss.
Checksum verification
Ongoing end-to-end checksum verification ensures data integrity.
Self healing
Data in the cloud is actively monitored for degradation or loss of durability and self-healed if needed.
Data availability
Metadata is uploaded continuously along with the data to help ensure data availability.
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