Simplify Datacenter Operations

Unmatched low-cost archive
Archive storage as low as $12 per TB per year.
Scale with no new hardware
Eliminates new capital expenditures, opens up data center space and reduces power and cooling requirements.
Elastic storage
Shared infrastructure allows for infinite scalability. Eliminates forecasting and long procurement cycles.
Pay as you go and subscription models
Purchase capacity with no commitment or reduce costs with longer-term agreements.

Data Security

Data at rest
Optional encryption at the Oracle data center. Client encrypted data is supported. Oracle Storage Cloud Software Appliance provides encryption at the customer site.
Data in transit
SSL encrypts all data in transit.
Access control
Control which users have admin, read and write privileges at the container level.
Enterprise data centers
World class enterprise data center operations.

Easy Access

Backup and Archive application integration
Integration with top backup and archive applications eases deployment with minimal disruption.
Oracle Storage Cloud Software Appliance
An easy on-ramp to Oracle's storage cloud providing a POSIX compliant NFS interface. Serves as a NAS gateway to the cloud.
Standards based developer tooling
OpenStack Swift based RestAPI, Java-based File Transfer Manager and, Shell scripting Upload CLI.
Robust connectivity options
Simple connectivity through the public internet and FastConnect for the most demanding workloads.

Robust Architecture

World-class data durability
11 9s data durability by maintaining multiple copies of each object on different devices. Periodic data integrity checks with self healing.
Automated replication of data to a geographically distant data center.
Privacy Aware
Stored data is never moved out of designated geographic regions.
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