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Easy Storage

Well Known Interface
Connect applications to cloud storage using NFS – a widely used data protocol.
User Friendly
Intuitive data access for you and your applications as well.
POSIX Compliant
Access data with similar experience across various flavors of Unix/Linux NFS clients.
Automatic Translation
Interface with data as files while stored as objects in the cloud.

Data Security

Encryption precedes transmission
Easily encrypt your data using client-side encryption.
Free from All vs. Nothing

Granular encryption allows you selectively encrypt sensitive data.
Strong Encryption Keys

multi-tier key architecture with strong symmetric and asymmetric keys for maximum data security.
You own the keys

You can generate keys on the appliance or bring your own encryption keys.

Data Protection

Data Integrity
End to end Checksum verification helps in ensuring the data integrity.
Self Healing

Data is actively monitored for degradation.
Built-in Resiliency

Quick recovery from crash by spawning off new instance of Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Storage Software Appliance.
Data Availability

Regular metadata backup to cloud helps ensure data availability.

Data Caching

Near local NAS performance
You can achieve near local NAS performance through buffer caching.
Configurable Cache

You can configurable the cache to support your custom workloads.
Automatic cleanup

Least Recently Used (LRU) algorithm to retain hot data in your cache.

N-Way Management

Browser based Admin UI

Intuitive user interface to administer the appliance and to manage your data.
Command Line Interface

For easy automation using shell scripts in your data center.

Manage multiple deployment of the appliance from a centralized location.
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Call us now
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