Engage on What is Important to Your Consumers

Shift to a new type of customer relationship by listening to what customers are saying with the industry's leading social engagement and monitoring platform.


Filter, automatically categorize, and capture relevant actionable opportunities.


Market-leading listening quality allows deep filtering to discover relevant insights and trends.


Listen to the right social conversations that impact your organization, then route them to the right team and track the progress.


Measure key indicators and trends to improve social efficiencies all from a single interface.


Modern Customer Experience 2018
CX professionals joined us in Chicago for three days of non-stop activity featuring hundreds of speakers, demonstrations, and practical workshops.
Modern Social Customer Service
From deeper insights to better content, Oracle Social Cloud enables you to optimize your social strategy and deliver the seamless experience that modern customers expect.
Oracle Social Spotlight
Whether your job entails social media marketing, social customer service, or extending social across the customer experience, you'll find something interesting on the Social Cloud blog.
Oracle Cloud Day
The future runs on cloud. But what's the best path to get there? Find out at Oracle Cloud Day.
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