IoT Service Monitoring for Differentiated Customer Service

Empower contact center agents with information and tools to enable immediate issue resolution.

Digital Transformation of Customer Service

Enable proactive customer service without requiring customers to initiate service requests

Pre-Built Digital Thread for Service Automation

Complement existing support channels by introducing the new IoT service channel for differentiated experience

Service-Powered Augmented Reality Experience

Provide field service workers with information they need to resolve issues on the first visit, thus reducing truck rolls

No-Hassle Machine Learning and AI

Create visual patterns and LOB user-friendly interfaces for advanced analytics aggregation


An IoT Asset Monitoring Experience
Boost your supply chain effectiveness by quickly blending powerful insights from IoT devices with business applications to create next-generation services.
Peek into the Future of Field Service and the Internet of Things
Empower your techs with insight into issues before they arrive onsite, shift to a predictive service model, and deliver exceptional service.
How 5G Networking Will Unleash the Full Potential of IoT
With the coming availability of ubiquitous, high-speed mobile connectivity, companies need a flexible IoT platform to transition and compete successfully.

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