Service Cloud Training and Certification from Oracle University

In-depth training delivered by Oracle experts is available for your Service Cloud applications. Oracle Service Cloud training is available in three different ways:
  • Oracle Cloud Learning Subscriptions
  • Courses
  • Oracle Guided Learning

Oracle Cloud Learning Subscriptions

Whether you're new to Oracle Cloud or an experienced user, an Oracle Cloud Learning Subscription is an ideal way to learn about your Service Cloud application. Significant new enhancements to our learning subscriptions provide a powerful learning experience that is unmatched in the industry, including:

  • 24/7 access to high quality video-based training delivered by Oracle experts
  • Training for all cloud job roles that interact with your Service Cloud applications
  • Skill-based training with skill checks and hands-on labs aligned to job roles by product release
  • Training updates as your applications are enhanced with new features and capabilities, so you can keep pace as your organization migrates from one release to another
  • Related Oracle Service Cloud certification exams with registration from within the learning subscription
Available Service Cloud Learning Subscriptions
Technical and Functional Professionals
Oracle Service Cloud Learning Subscription
Technical and Functional Professionals
Oracle Field Service Cloud Learning Subscription End-User Edition

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Oracle Training Courses, Guided Learning, and Certification

Training Courses
As an alternative way to learn, Oracle University offers individual courses that you can take in-person, live over the Internet, and as an on-demand recording.
Guided Learning
Oracle Guided Learning provides on-the-job coaching for your team of end users from within the cloud application.
Oracle Certification
Becoming an Oracle Cloud Certified Implementation Specialist signifies that you possess the knowledge and skills to implement and work with Oracle Cloud applications.
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