Field Service

Oracle Field Service Cloud is built on time-based, self-learning, and predictive technology, empowering you to solve business problems while enabling your field service organization.

Capacity Management

Interact with a comprehensive view of how much work can be completed each day based on available resources and skills, work zones, and work types.
Access real-time maps to view visualization of available capacity.
Leverage capacity-based booking enablement to optimize bookings.

Routing and Scheduling

Time-Based Routing
Improve service using a time-based, predictive, self-learning routing engine powered by patented technology.
Job Assignment
Automatically route resources to an urgent work assignment, without human intervention.
Assign jobs based on service-level agreements (SLAs), skills, location, availability, individual performance patterns, and more.

Manage, Dispatch, and Locate Workforce

Improve field employee compliance with real-time monitoring of the workforce.
Dispatch employees in a timely and efficient manner, always making sure the person with the right skills shows up to do the required work.
Respond precisely to changes in the field by leveraging the real-time location of each employee.


Flexible Mobile Application
Equip the field with highly configurable solution that can be tailored to support your specific business processes.
Real-Time Service
Increase field worker productivity by providing the right information for each job.
Streamline communications between colleagues and with the back office.

Team Collaboration

Streamline communication between management, dispatch, and the field.
Enable the ability for employees to accept inventory transfers, job assignments, and share location information with the click of a button.
Efficiently resolve problems by automatically considering the context of each request by location, skill, work type, and required parts or equipment when making field connections.

Customer Communication

Deliver automated communication with customer before, day of, and post- appointment.
Real-Time Updates
Improve customer satisfaction by keeping customers in the loop.
Communicate with customers through their preferred channel.
Receive real-time customer feedback.
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Call us now
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