Cross-Channel Contact Center

The world's most intuitive, productive, integrated, contextual, and scalable cross-channel contact center solution enables your agents to focus on the customer instead of multiple applications.

Case Management

Omni Channel
Engage with your customers through all channels, including live and video chat, virtual assistant, mobile, and more.
Intelligent Routing and Queuing
Find the best-skilled agents using customer profile data, ensuring issues are routed to the right agent the first time.
Integrated Telephony
Enable integration to both cloud and on-premises automatic call distributors (ACDs) through published APIs.
Proactive Communication
Personalize communications to enhance your brand when sending automated system notifications and email.

Guided Resolution

Deliver scripts to guide agents through customer interactions and capture their responses.
Guided Assistance
Guide agent to the correct resolution, expediting agent ramp-up and ensuring that even novice agents can solve customer problems like an expert.

Contextual Agent Experience

Dynamic Desktop
Guide agents with contextually relevant, just-in-time information.
Contextual Workspaces
Present only the information the agent needs in the context of the conversation and the customer issue at hand.
Desktop Workflow
Infuse dynamic, task-based flows that adjust to agent skills, context, and customer segment
Smart Assistant
Deliver patented artificial intelligence technology to suggest answers, reducing agent handle times and ensuring consistent knowledge delivery.

Unified Agent Desktop

One Desktop
Easily integrate systems into one unified desktop for agent.

Customer Engagement

Personalize proactive communications with valuable customer data from deep service profiles.
Solicit customer feedback any time during the customer journey.

Highly Configurable

Business Agility
Respond to market trends with a solution that's easy to configure. Manage service operations with agility, low TCO, and low dependency on technical resources.
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