AI-Driven Security, Audit, and Fraud Monitoring

Use Oracle Risk Management with embedded artificial intelligence (AI) techniques to automate advanced analysis for ERP role design, segregation of duties (SOX), data privacy (GDPR), and preventing financial fraud.

Continuous Protection

Get constant monitoring of user, configuration, and transaction activity.

Instant Best Practices

Leverage a library of ERP algorithms for security, compliance, and audit analysis.

Simplified Compliance Workflows

Streamline user access certifications, SOX, and audit assessments.

Improve Payment Accuracy

Stop expense and invoice payment errors and fraud.


Protect and Enhance Oracle ERP Cloud with Risk Management
Hear how to manage financial and operational risks and secure Oracle ERP Cloud using Oracle Risk Management Cloud. Spend less time on manual processes with proactive analytics and automation. 
Effective Risk Management
Corey West, Chief Accounting Officer, Oracle, discusses the value of Risk Management Cloud Services and ERP Cloud to streamline risk, security, and compliance.
10 New Reasons to Move ERP into the Cloud
Beyond cost savings and business model shifts, there are 10 new reasons to move your on-premises ERP into the cloud.
How to Use Data Science and Machine Learning to Reduce Risk
Did you know that 80% of the time and effort in data science involves cleaning, collecting, and organizing the data?
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