Virtual Infrastructure for the Cloud


If hybrid cloud environments were a reality, enterprises would design their internal data centers for average load, and simply rent additional capacity on the cloud to accommodate peaks. They would be able to take their multi-VM applications as-is and run them on any cloud, without changes. They would use their existing VMs, networking and storage configurations, the same processes, tools, etc.

What’s needed is an infrastructure that normalizes the public cloud and the data center from the application’s perspective. This infrastructure would run on the cloud and expose the same computing, networking and storage services to the multi-VM enterprise application as if it were running internally.

The following diagram shows the virtual infrastructure overview

To accomplish this, Ravello has developed a distributed hypervisor infrastructure called HVX. It enables an enterprise to completely encapsulate a multi-VM application and run it on any cloud (eg: Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, AWS or Google) without any changes.

HVX consists of three technology components and a management layer, wrapped up and offered as a SaaS. The technology components are a high-performance nested virtualization engine (or nested hypervisor), a software-defined network, and a storage overlay. The management layer manages the technology components, provides the user interface and API, handles image management and enables monitoring – all as a SaaS service.


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