Development and Testing Environments


On-demand access

Development and test teams often miss release schedules due to lack of sufficient dev-test environments. Technical difficulties surrounding automated provisioning and insufficient budgets, force software developers and QA engineers to share test environments, which slows down test cycles and results in lower quality software. With Ravello, enterprises have on-demand access to data-center-like environments without any capacity constraints helping them release quality software on schedule and within budget.

Collaboration between Dev and QA teams

By using Ravello’s blueprinting and sharing features, test engineers can snapshot entire test environments, enabling them to capture the exact state of the application upon discovering a bug, and sharing that exact state with engineering teams. Developers can then spin up applications from those blueprints, enabling exact reproduction of the bug for them to fix.

The following diagram shows collaboration between dev and qa teams.


QA in high-fidelity clone of production deployments

By automatically creating multiple replicas of entire multi-tier application environments in self-contained capsules that include all associated networking and storage resources, Ravello enables QA engineers to conduct testing in truly representative environments identical to the production environment.

Clones of production environment for continuous integration

By easily creating an unlimited number of replicas of multi-tier production environments, Ravello enables dev/test teams to avoid CI queue build ups, simplifying the process with automatically provisioned environments for every build.

The following diagram shows clones of production environments for continuous integration.
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