An Omnichannel Solution for Tomorrow's Order-to-Cash Challenges

Manage orders from all your channels to get a single view of your customer. Orchestrate all your order to cash processes and proactively resolve exceptions.

Single Face to Customer

Unify your customer-facing processes and get a consolidated view of your customer.

Future Problem Predictions

Meet customer request dates and quantities, and proactively monitor orders at risk.

Smart Fulfillment Choices

Optimize the sourcing and fulfillment of orders for highest bottom-line impact.

End-to-End Supply Chain

Leverage your extended supply chain network to improve operational efficiency.

Order Management

Order Management

Your customers deserve perfect fulfillment of their orders. To achieve that goal, you need a central order hub to validate order information for completeness, price the order correctly, promise delivery accurately, plan the fulfillment for efficiency, automate the process as much as possible, and keep on top of all exceptions.


Strategically, pricing has a direct impact on profitability, brand image, marketing effectiveness, and customer relationships. In today's rapidly-changing market conditions, companies need to be able to respond to customers' expectations and buying behavior to remain competitive. Oracle Pricing Cloud provides a flexible price modeling capability to create targeted pricing rules to meet corporate revenue and business objectives, and quickly implement and deliver those prices and policies across your sales channels.


In today's business environment, customers are demanding products that are tailored to their unique specifications. Successful companies must provide customized versions of products with shortened lead times. Oracle Configurator Cloud is a powerful guided selling and configuration product that enables flexible modeling of configurable, multi-option, and customizable products and services.

Global Order Promising

Quoting standard lead times is no longer competitive. You have to set and meet delivery expectations to secure and retain customers. Oracle Order Management Cloud's global order promising features help you satisfy the most demanding customers by scheduling delivery based on actual supply across all potential sources including production capacity and purchases from suppliers.


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