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Sales Cloud Customer Data Management

Clean, consistent customer data is vital to a sales organization. Oracle Sales Cloud Customer Data Management helps organizations consolidate account and contact data from multiple sources, standardize addresses, resolve duplicate record issues, and ensure a best version customer profile that sales reps and sales managers can trust.

Social Network

Oracle Social Network is a secure private network that provides a broad range of social tools designed to capture and preserve information flowing between people, enterprise applications, and business processes. Oracle Social Network provides contextual, real-time communication within and across enterprises. With Oracle Social Network, you and your teams have the tools you need to collaborate quickly and efficiently, while leveraging the organization’s collective expertise to make informed decisions and drive business forward.

Sales Catalog

Sales Catalog enables organizations to create products, group products into a multi-tiered hierarchy, and maintain price lists and product promotions. Used when selecting products for a deal or opportunity, the hierarchical product group is the foundation for the graphical sales catalog.

Sales Cloud on Smartphones and Tablets

Oracle Sales Cloud provides easy-to-use smartphone apps that allow field sales reps to complete common tasks in less than a minute using just one hand and one finger. These intuitive apps help to increase productivity, generate higher sales and enable efficient user adoption. Sales executives and managers can use smartphones or tablet devices to gain insight into team performance, pipeline and opportunity progress with easy-to-use, interactive dashboards.

Sales Cloud Core Sales Force Automations

Oracle Sales Cloud offers an array of capabilities built to meet the essential needs of sales reps and sales managers. Easy-to-use productivity tools such as sales coach, opportunity assessment, call reports and a centralized team calendar keep sales reps on track with the information and guidance they need to close more deals. Oracle Sales Cloud increases sales teams’ effectiveness and encourages critical communication about each in-flight opportunity.

Sales Cloud Analytics

Oracle Sales Cloud Analytics provides real-time executive dashboards, guided recommendations, prebuilt reports, and the power to build interactive, mobile dashboards that sales reps and sales managers can access anytime, anywhere. With relevant and actionable insights, sales teams can close more deals in less time.

Sales Cloud Sales Predictor

Sales Predictor enables organizations to improve sales performance and maximize the likelihood that a customer will buy. With sophisticated predictive modeling and customizable sales prediction rules, Sales Predictor turns historical customer purchase data into product recommendations that sales reps can use to focus their sales efforts. Using product recommendations from Sales Predictor, Oracle Sales Cloud’s White Space Analysis report helps sales reps easily see cross-sell and up-sell opportunities and focus on the accounts with the highest revenue potential.

Sales Cloud for Outlook

Oracle Sales Cloud for Outlook offers integration between Microsoft Outlook™ and Oracle Sales Cloud. Allowing sales reps to work within their familiar Microsoft Outlook™ application speeds user adoption and increases sales productivity. Sales reps can focus on selling instead of learning a new system.

Sales Cloud for IBM Notes

Oracle Sales Cloud for IBM Notes offers integration between IBM Notes™ and Oracle Sales Cloud. Allowing sales reps to work within their familiar IBM Notes™ application speeds user adoption and increases sales productivity. Sales reps can focus on selling instead of learning a new system.

Sales Cloud Sales Performance Management

Oracle Sales Cloud Sales Performance Management enables companies to be more flexible, accountable and responsive to improve sales effectiveness and achieve targeted revenue goals. With productivity and training tools for sales reps, on-boarding and ramp-up costs are significantly reduced. Oracle Sales Cloud’s advanced incentive compensation, quota and territory management tools offer process automation and advanced planning capabilities that help sales managers and sales operations staff efficiently align individual sales rep goals with the overall sales strategy.

Sales Cloud Partner Relationship Management

Oracle Sales Cloud Partner Relationship Management (PRM) enables channel account managers and partners to share leads, register deals, create quotes, collaborate in real time, and deliver results with streamlined channel execution. The custom branded, easy-to-use partner portal offers lead-to-quote management, business planning, a request-to-claim workflow for Marketing Development Funds (MDF), and social collaboration. Oracle Sales Cloud offers the broadest partner relationship portfolio for all channel needs.

Sales Cloud Configuration, Customization and Integrations

Oracle's standards-based, open and flexible platform makes it easy to rapidly build and deploy rich applications or integrate with and extend Oracle Sales Cloud. Oracle’s configuration and customization toolset enables business users to tailor Oracle Sales Cloud to meet the unique needs of each business in an easy-to-maintain Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) environment. Oracle’s Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) offerings provide development and runtime platforms that enrich and extend Oracle Sales Cloud and enhance sales team productivity and collaboration. Prebuilt cloud and on-premises integrations offer complete solutions for sales teams.

Sales Cloud for Communications

Oracle Sales Cloud for Communications is a comprehensive and integrated industry-specific solution for communications companies. With a simple, easy-to-use interface tailored for sales reps and sales executives, Oracle Sales Cloud for Communications brings customer information together across all channels (websites, storefronts, mobile and social access) to present a single view of the customer. Pre-built integrations with Siebel and Billing Insight offer rich customer information and a streamlined sales process with built-in configure, price, and quote capabilities. Opportunities are associated with quotes and orders to provide easy reporting across the renewal and new order cycles.

Sales Cloud for Consumer Goods

Oracle Sales Cloud for Consumer Goods is a comprehensive industry solution that includes trade promotion management and retail execution. The retail execution solution enables retail sales reps to effectively execute in-store tasks using a tablet device. The trade promotion management solution enables brand marketing managers and key account managers to manage promotion programs and account promotions respectively.

Oracle Sales Cloud for Financial Services

Oracle Sales Cloud for the Financial Services industry enables financial institutions to modernize their branches and take the customer experience to the next level. With a single 360° view of customer information and interactions, banks can build a personalized relationship with each customer and offer financial products and services that best suit a customer’s unique needs. With the addition of the integrated Marketing Cloud solution, banks can automate the process of identifying, nurturing and creating referrals to cross-sell products across any channel, including social, mobile and web.

Oracle Enterprise Contracts

Oracle Enterprise Contracts is a complete solution for managing contracts that helps organizations standardize corporate contract policies, improve internal controls, and comply with all contractual obligations and regulatory requirements.

Sales Cloud for High Tech and Manufacturing

Oracle Sales Cloud for High Tech and Manufacturing handles both the direct and channel sales processes that global manufacturers require to sell effectively, including streamlined lead-to-quote-to-order sales execution for the direct and partner sales forces. A task-based mobile solution enables sales reps to share sales activities and increase productivity. Channel account managers can gain clear visibility into channel sales and partners can qualify leads using a guided assessment questionnaire. Partner reps have integrated access to the manufacturer’s marketing leads, deal registrations, opportunities, quotes and service information. Sales teams can create account plans and monitor sales goals throughout the year.

Sales Cloud Migration Utility for Oracle CRM On Demand

The Oracle Sales Cloud Migration Utility automates much of the migration process by transferring configuration settings and data from Oracle CRM On Demand to Oracle Sales Cloud. The Migration Utility ensures rapid and accurate replication of an environment by creating objects, fields and configuration settings and offering multiple validation checkpoints. Partners can focus on process improvements and value-added services rather than manually creating hundreds of fields.

Oracle Sales Cloud Migration Utility for®

The Oracle Sales Cloud Migration Utility for® automates manual processes by transferring configuration settings and data from to Oracle Sales Cloud. The Migration Utility provides best practice guidance and ensures rapid and accurate replication of an environment by creating an inventory of objects, fields and configuration settings while offering multiple validation checkpoints.

Oracle Incentive Compensation

Oracle Incentive Compensation is part of Oracle Sales Cloud’s comprehensive approach to sales performance management and leverages territory and quota management. Incentive Compensation empowers organizations to streamline the rollout of new plan initiatives, provides productivity tools to reduce administrative costs, and presents relevant business insights to drive sales performance.

Oracle Sales Cloud Territory Management

Oracle Sales Cloud delivers complete territory management capabilities that enable organizations to maximize market and account coverage and improve overall sales performance. With process automation capabilities and powerful, easy-to-use tools for territory planning, modeling and on-going territory management, sales managers can make more insightful sales planning decisions and align sales execution with the overall sales strategy.

Sales Forecasting

Accurate sales forecasting enables sales leaders to make informed business decisions. Oracle Sales Cloud offers enterprise-level forecasting capabilities that help sales reps accurately estimate sales and give sales managers the information needed to project achievable sales revenue. Sales reps and sales managers can view, manage and submit real-time forecasts using desktop, tablet, or smartphone devices. Embedded analytics and custom reporting capabilities provide intelligence that sales teams can use to improve forecast accuracy.

Sales Campaigns

Oracle Sales Cloud makes it easy to design and manage sales campaigns with simple tools that empower sales reps to target their territory for cross-sales and up-sales or new initiatives. A guided process makes it easy to create sales campaigns, define target contact lists and personalize professional email templates using an intuitive email editor. Campaign responses are easy to track and convert to new leads using Oracle Sales Cloud’s intuitive interface.
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