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Integrating Project Management with Sales Cloud

This white paper explains how you can integrate Oracle Sales Cloud with Oracle Project Portfolio Management (PPM) Cloud to create projects directly from opportunities in the sales pipeline.

Oracle Project Portfolio Management Cloud: Modern Tools of the Trade

The technological and generational shift with companies moving to the cloud, an insatiable demand for digital data and analytics, and a push for anytime, anywhere, any device access to corporate information is changing the way enterprises are viewing themselves. This white paper explores how the project-driven organization must embrace technology advances for successful project delivery, and highlights why the changing nature of the project management function is necessitating a new set of tools to manage projects.

Why Projects Fail: Avoiding the Classic Pitfalls

Organizations across industries are challenged to deliver an increasing number of projects and programs, while maintaining flat (or decreasing) budgets and resources. This white paper examines the most common causes of project failure to highlight root causes and suggest avoidance measures to help fellow project managers reduce the number of barriers on the path to success.

5 Benefits of Having ERP and HCM in a Single Cloud Platform

Why in the world would you keep two systems of human resource data? To support a system governing enterprise-wide business operation, coordinating the configuration and maintenance of Human Capital Management (HCM) data is a critical component. After all, human resource data is an essential part of the business infrastructure. Products within Oracle’s ERP Cloud continue to expand the use of HCM to manage core HR data such as employees, organizations, jobs, and locations, enabling business process and workflow functionality such as shipment delivery locations, project staffing and validation of project charges, and approval routing.

Integration with Oracle Project Portfolio Management Cloud Service

Oracle Project Portfolio Management Cloud Service is built with Oracle’s Application Development Framework (ADF) and provides four primary methods of integration with other applications: ADF Services (commonly referred to as Web Services), ADF Desktop Integration, File Based Data Import, and Reporting Tools. This white paper provides a conceptual overview of each type of integration and identifies the associated functional area for each integration point.
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