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Whether you’re an executive, project manager, or a team member, you need the right information at the right time—see how Oracle PPM Cloud provides immediate project insight for everyone.
Today's project teams expect modern tools that let them work socially, real-time, and across multiple devices.
Team up for smarter project plans: Empower project teams and let project managers rapidly build out the project, tapping into the experience of the organization and team to hit the ground running.
Tap into the power of your project talent by matching the right people with the right projects, to give you the right results - happy customers, stakeholders and team members.
Consolidate your project and day-to-day tasks, and leverage the power of embedded social conversations to work with your teams, anywhere you want.
Optimize resources to improve project delivery success and increase customer satisfaction with Oracle PPM Cloud.
Collaboratively plan, schedule, and deliver projects by working socially and facilitating teamwork for better project outcomes with Oracle PPM Cloud.
Efficiency and productivity have become increasingly important for today's users as well as being connected while on the go. See how efficient team members can be with Oracle PPM Cloud.
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