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Oracle Product Hub Cloud Infographic

Discover how a modern Item Mastering process can accelerate your business transformation to the cloud and provide you with clean and accurate product data.

Oracle Product Hub Cloud Executive Brochure

Learn how your journey to the cloud begins with a simplified and accurate Item Master that provides your business transformation with the controls necessary to commercialize faster and increase customer satisfaction.

Oracle PLM Cloud Executive Brief

Download a brief, 2-page overview of the Oracle PLM Cloud solutions. Learn how a modern approach to PLM can drive revenue, protect IP, and get products to market faster.

Aberdeen on Innovation Management

Based upon the experiences of over 600 respondents, this report examines how successful companies systematize the fuzzy front-end of ideation to portfolio and execution processes to outperform their peers.

Getting Great Ideas to Market - Fast

The most innovative companies grow faster—and they grow bigger. But finding great ideas, choosing which to invest in, and then getting them to market quickly is far from easy. Check out this iPaper and learn how the top performers get it right consistently.

Case Study by Kalypso: Deliver and Measure Sustainable Innovation with Innovation Management

View this one page case study to learn how you can optimize your company’s innovation portfolio, evaluate the alignment of the innovation portfolio to company strategy, and support data-driven decision making with Oracle Innovation Management Cloud.

Improve How IT Invests in Innovation

Learn how you can offer your business higher returns by focusing investments on the most valuable projects.

Commercialization in the Consumer Goods Industry: Accelerating Product Change

Responding quickly to the wants and needs of consumers is fundamental to success in the consumer goods industry. Often responses may spark an initiative to develop new products, modify existing products, offer new formulations, or change packaging and labels. However, converting these types of consumer-driven initiatives into marketable products in a timely manner is a common challenge–a challenge that can be worsened by a strict deadline, which may be imposed on an organization to comply with a governmental mandate or major customer requirement. Each product change affects commercialization, the process in which a company readies a product for market. As an organization mobilizes its commercialization process, meeting these deadlines can spell success or failure.

iPaper: Innovation Management for the Modern Age

Check out this short brochure for a brief overview of today's innovation challenges and how you can overcome them with an aligned, repeatable, scalable, and strategic innovation infrastructure.

Kalypso and Oracle Report: How to Manage Innovation as a Business

Download your copy of How to Manage Innovation as a Business: Understanding the Best Approaches and Tools to Manage the Complexity of Innovation to learn how other businesses are confronting innovation and learn valuable strategies to make innovation work for you.
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