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What are the major components of Oracle Order Management Cloud?

The major components of Oracle Order Management Cloud include:
  • Order Management
  • Pricing
  • Global Order Promising
  • Configurator
Pricing is included with Oracle Order Management Cloud. Oracle Global Order Promising Cloud and Oracle Configurator Cloud are optional products.

How is Oracle Order Management Cloud priced?

Oracle Order Management Cloud and its major components are priced by a combination of users and order lines. See the Pricing tab for more information.

What are the benefits of using Oracle Order Management Cloud?

The benefits of Oracle Order Management Cloud include increased revenue and margin, reduced time to market, decreased fulfillment errors, and increased customer satisfaction.

What are the functional capabilities of Oracle Order Management Cloud?

The major functional areas of Oracle Order Management Cloud include:
  • Import, Create, Revise and Return Orders
  • Import orders from other capture systems to support multi-channel
  • Select products (standard, configured, services), price, view availability, and validate
  • Manage order revisions and return orders
  • Orchestrate Fulfillment
  • Utilize flexible business rules for order enrichment, process selection, and routing
  • Implement configurable fulfillment orchestration processes
  • Integrate with other cloud or on-premise systems for fulfillment to support multi-channel
  • Manage Exceptions
  • Monitor orders for exceptions with configurable jeopardy conditions
  • Automate change order management

What pre-integrated process flows are supported by Oracle Order Management Cloud?

Oracle Order Management Cloud supports the processes listed below. The processes include simplified setup and pre-integration with other cloud SCM and ERP applications.
  • Order-to-cash
  • Configure-to-order
  • Drop ship
  • Back-to-back

Does Oracle Order Management Cloud support order-to-cash flows across non-Oracle capture and fulfillment systems?

Yes, Oracle Order Management Cloud is designed for integration with other capture and fulfillment systems (cloud or on-premise) to support heterogeneous multi-channel environments.

Is Order Management Cloud integrated with Configure, Price, and Quote (CPQ) and Commerce?

Yes, Oracle Order Management Cloud is pre-integrated with Oracle CPQ Cloud and Oracle Commerce Cloud to support new/change/cancel orders, and status updates for standard, configured, and service products.

How does Oracle Order Management Cloud work with Oracle Global Order Promising Cloud?

Order Management works with Global Order Promising in several ways to provide accurate and timely information on how to best match order demand with supply.
  • Provides available/not available information as order lines are added (standard and configured products).
  • Provides whether supply is available based on a user request date and ship method.
  • Provides alternative supply options with what-if analysis to help resolve supply exceptions.

What is coexistence and how does it work?

Coexistence simply means using selected applications from the Oracle Cloud along with applications that you already have in place, such as Oracle E-Business Suite, JD Edwards, PeopleSoft and non-Oracle systems. Coexistence allows you to continue to leverage your existing investments in Oracle applications while taking advantage of business benefits of the Oracle Cloud. Two typical coexistence scenarios for manufacturing companies are:
  1. Move corporate financials and indirect procurement to the cloud first, then order management, and lastly manufacturing and planning.
  2. Migrate one division at a time with the entire Cloud Suite—Financials, Order Management, Procurement, Manufacturing & Planning—while leaving the rest of the business on the existing ERP.
Contact your Oracle sales representative for more information.

Does coexistence work for third-party systems like SAP?

Yes, coexistence is possible for any core ERP/SCM system, but there is no prebuilt integration available at this time. Oracle has global partners who can perform this work for you. Contact your Oracle sales representative for more information.

Will Oracle Order Management Cloud be offered in only one time zone, or will you have multiple locations for support?

Oracle Order Management Cloud is offered globally and supported globally. Oracle Cloud includes Oracle's award-winning Global Customer Support through multiple options, including Click-to-Chat, Community Forums, and My Oracle Support.

What languages are supported in Oracle Order Management Cloud?

We already provide more than 30 language translations in our Oracle Order Management Cloud solutions today and continue to expand translation coverage with each release. Your users are able to set individual language preferences. Please contact your Oracle sales representative for more information.

What reporting or Business Intelligence is available when running Oracle Order Management Cloud?

Oracle Order Management Cloud delivers a framework for you to create custom reports. The flexible, integrated operational reports use real-time transactional data and let you include ad-hoc reporting capabilities. Additionally, business intelligence and predictive analytics are woven into the fabric of your business processes so that you can work naturally and intuitively. Information is embedded on key pages and dashboards throughout Oracle Order Management Cloud and linked directly to transactions and other decision points. Each screen shows additional pieces of relevant information that users can use to make decisions and maximize their productivity.

What options does Oracle Order Management Cloud provide to integrate data into and out of the platform?

The Oracle Order Management Cloud platform provides a rich set of Integration toolsets that can be used by the customer to exchange data between the Oracle Order Management Cloud and any third-party system. These toolsets support real-time integration via web services, and bulk data styles of integration via flat-files and spreadsheets. If a customer chooses to engage Oracle to implement the integration, Oracle Consulting Services (for an additional fee) also provides standard integration packages to import/export common data into and out of Oracle Order Management Cloud. Oracle Order Management Cloud reporting can also be used to export data in a flat-file format.

How secure is my data?

Oracle Cloud keeps your data completely isolated from that of other companies. Oracle Cloud services also offer market-leading security features, including encryption, virus scan and whitelist support. Oracle Cloud data centers offer embassy-grade physical and logical security. The services employ management controls, operational controls, and technical controls and are aligned with the security framework of ISO (International Organization for Standardization) and IEC (International Electrotechnical Commission), specifically ISO/IEC 27002:2005, Code of Practice for Information Security Management and ISO/IEC 27001:2005 standards.
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