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The 2016 Smart Decision Guide to Restaurant POS

This report provides a checklist to use when evaluating POS systems, a list of vendor questions, a buying roadmap, and other valuable insights.

The 2016 Smart Decision Guide to Hotel PMS

This report provides a checklist to use when evaluating PMS systems, a list of vendor questions, a buying roadmap, and other valuable insights.

OPERA Cloud: Technology that Powers your Hotel Operations and Distribution

Oracle Hospitality OPERA Cloud is an enterprise platform for hotel operations and distribution based on cloud technologies. Secure, scalable, and mobile-enabled, the platform offers the comprehensive capabilities hotels need to deliver great guest experiences, improve operating efficiency, and enhance employee productivity. OPERA Cloud brings to the cloud the power of the OPERA software suite that leading hotels and casinos around the world have relied on for years to manage properties, hotel operations, and distribution.

The Power of Cloud for Food and Beverage Operators: What Every Executive Needs to Know

The most successful food and beverage enterprises are able to do many things better than their competitors: deliver same-store sales growth; open new stores and concepts quickly; know what their customers want and deliver it consistently; measure performance and respond to opportunities; keep costs to a minimum...the list goes on. The good news for food and beverage executives is that there is a way to make these goals more achievable: cloud technology.


Oracle Cloud Solves Undiscovered Stadium Revenue Growth as Sports Fans Desire Mobile Food and Beverage Ordering

More than 40 percent of sports fans worldwide abandoned concession lines in the past 12 months – without making a purchase – because of excessive waiting, according to a just-released Oracle Hospitality Sports and Entertainment research report The Fan Experience: Changing the Game with Food and Beverage, published in partnership with Turnkey Intelligence, an industry-leading market research provider.

How Cloud is Helping the Hospitality Sector Go That Extra Mile for Customers

In this guest post, Dr. Peter Agel, global segment leader for hotels at software giant Oracle, explains how pay-as-you-go computing is helping the hospitality sector improve profitability and respond to changing consumer demands.

Reserve Your Place in the Cloud

Cloud-based distribution services can boost margins and help hotels engage customers, write Peter Agel and Sundar Swaminathan of Oracle Hospitality. The key is understanding how the Cloud can help hotels effectively manage distribution channels while giving managers information to make insightful decisions about pricing, customer engagement, and inventory management—all while delivering great guest experiences.

Seven Ways Cloud Technology Can Help Your Foodservice Business

Cloud technology touches every aspect of a food and beverage operation, bringing advantages to everyone within the business and making the entire company more competitive.

Reduce Your IT Costs With a Cloud-Based POS System

If you’re looking to grow your restaurant business, migrating to a cloud-based POS system can help reduce your IT costs. This means funds can be reallocated to other important areas of your business to facilitate growth.

New Oracle Cloud Services Offer an Improved Guest Experience

Leading hotel industry technology supplier Oracle has introduced a cloud services version of its industry-leading suite of hospitality solutions that’s been designed to help hospitality companies personalise all aspects of their engagement with customers while also delivering an excellent guest experience on site.

How Cloud Technology Can Reduce Your IT Costs

If you’re looking to cut costs in your store, you might have overlooked a wellspring of savings by not migrating to cloud technology. According to Oracle Hospitality, QSR stores can achieve significant reductions in IT costs through the use of cloud instead of traditional on-premise systems.

Cloud Solutions for Full-Service Restaurants, by Brett R. Smith, FSR Magazine

Looking at the many tech trends affecting full-service restaurants, two overarching themes emerge. One is the use of technology, particularly mobile devices, to enhance the guest experience—prior to the meal, at tableside, and beyond. The other big theme is restaurateurs’ need for consistency and repeatability throughout the enterprise, in areas encompassing everything from pricing, menus, and reporting to regulatory compliance.

A Migration Roadmap: Keys for Moving to a Cloud POS, by Tammy Mastroberte, Hospitality Technology

The traditional point-of-sale system, whether in restaurants or retail, brought many benefits to operators, including connectivity, visibility and speed. As technology has evolved – including how guests want to pay as well as how businesses want to operate – options have emerged to help restaurants run truly next-generation businesses. Cloud-based POS is a part of this progression. Hospitality Technology’s 2015 POS Software Trend Report reveals that cloud POS is a top functionality on shopping lists, with 35% of operators naming it a priority for their next POS upgrade


Oracle Hospitality Confirms Commitment to Stadiums and Venues with Latest Simphony Cloud Release

Stadiums and venues can now confidently move their food and beverage technology to the cloud, with the launch of Oracle Hospitality Simphony Cloud 2.9.

Oracle Hospitality Accelerates the Cloud Revolution for All Food and Beverage Operators with Release of Simphony 2.9

Oracle Hospitality is pleased to announce the launch of Oracle Hospitality Simphony Cloud 2.9, featuring enhancements designed to set new benchmarks in kitchen performance, cash management and event-driven financial reporting.

Why Use Cloud Technology To Run Your Restaurant?

In our Oracle Hospitality Cost Control in Food & Beverage Report, 50% of the independent restaurants that we surveyed said that they are using cloud technology for their labor and inventory management systems.

Max Burger Introduces Mobile Ordering, Another Innovation Made Possible by Oracle's Cloud Integration Tools

Max Burgers has become the first fast-food restaurant chain in Sweden to have a mobile ordering application that allows customers to order directly through the app, with the help of Oracle's cloud integration tools.

Cloud Hotel Tech: Minimizing Effort, Maximizing Value

As is the case with most industries today, technology plays a critical role in the success of a hotel business. It has permeated every aspect of the customer journey, from search and booking, to check-in and stay, and certainly check-out and beyond. Technology has enriched not only the guest experience, but the staff and enterprise’s experience as well – streamlining business operations, providing greater data visibility and information security, and enabling the delivery of a higher standard of overall service and brand consistency.

OPERA Cloud Services: Transforming Check-In and Check-Out

In today’s hospitality industry, guests expect hotel technology to assist in providing speedy service, catering to their needs, and aiding in the delivery of a consistent, personalized and enjoyable experience each time they visit. For hotel staff, technology plays a massive part in allowing them to fulfill these guest expectations.

Oracle Hospitality OPERA in the Cloud: The Pestana Group Story

Pestana Hotel Group is a family owned business with 86 properties across 3 continents. The Group prides itself on operating in the most desirable locations and in its ongoing focus to provide outstanding service to its guests. With sustainable growth at the heart of Pestana’s future strategy, the group relies on Oracle Hospitality OPERA property-management system to ensure that it can retain its pace in an increasingly competitive global marketplace.
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