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Human Resources

Worker Lifecycle
Effectively hire, manage, and terminate workers according to legislation and common global practices.
Efficiently manage employment, positions, and jobs, including global assignments.
Employee Information
Provide employees with the ability to manage personal information, absences, and benefit enrollments, to view pay slips and total compensation, and to participate in fun competitions from one spotlight.
Global and Local HR
Leverage legislative functionality to operate effectively across more than 200 countries and jurisdictions.
Industry and Union Support
Simplify the management of unique industry, union, collective labor, and worker agreements with rules-driven processing.

Workforce Directory

My Team
Easily access information about your team directly from your dashboard in the office or on the go from your mobile phone.
Person Spotlight
Share and view public employee information such as contact information, areas of expertise, and social media profiles to encourage collaboration with other employees.
Organization Chart
Visualize your organizational setup and collaborate with peers, managers, and other departments to get the work done.
Smart Navigation
Save time and take immediate actions within a person’s spotlight, and take any action needed with one step.

Workforce Predictions

Predictive Talent N-Box
Predict performance and attrition of individuals and teams by using current and historical indicators.
What-If Scenario Analysis
Use in-context analytics designed for business users (not data scientists) to generate new insights.
Adjust hundreds of prebuilt attributes that make it easy to create new and existing predictive models and plans.

Workforce Modeling

Model Business Scenarios
Model business scenarios such as reorganizations, acquisitions, and other organizational changes that impact the business.
Predicted Effectiveness
View the factors, costs, and impact of employee job transfers and reorganizations before they happen.
Approval Workflows
Implement change management quickly using a simple and intuitive approval workflow tool.

Human Resources Help Desk

Superior Service
Provide seamless access to HR services through a natively designed solution that resolves employee questions.
Data Privacy
Leverage a single security model to ensure sensitive employee data is protected.
Case Management
Ensure appropriate case assignment so all employee questions are timely answered.
Minimize implementation cost and effort as customers leverage core HR configurations.

Advanced HCM Controls

Security Controls
Automate security analysis for role design and monitor privacy regulations using general data protection regulation (GDPR) and separation of duties (SOD).
Stop Payment Fraud
Continuously audit all transactions across payroll, benefits, compensation, time and labor, etc., and manage exceptions.
Change Tracking Controls
Monitor for unusual changes to sensitive HCM setups, configurations, and master data.

Workforce Health and Safety Incidents

Incident Reporting
Submit incident reports quickly and capture critical event information from any browser-enabled device.
Incident Management
Provide quick and consistent responses. Manage each incident to closure.
Safety Dashboards and KPIs
Manage and increase the awareness of potential hazards to meet and track safety objectives.

Strategic Workforce Planning

What-If Modeling
Model mergers and acquisitions, re-orgs, and new market entries.
Demand and Supply Planning
Evaluate demand against supply of skills to proactively plan for headcount, attrition, and costs.
Skills Gap Analysis
Identify future competency levels required for strategic job.
Smart View
Quickly analyze, edit, and report workforce data using Office applications.
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