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Oracle Financial Services Lending and Leasing Cloud Service

Oracle Financial Services Lending and Leasing Cloud Service delivers functionally rich, highly scalable consumer and SME origination, servicing and collections capabilities on Oracle's secure industry cloud infrastructure.

Oracle Financial Services Revenue Management and Billing Cloud Service

Oracle Financial Services Revenue Management and Billing Cloud Service brings sophisticated pricing and billing including account receivable sub-ledger capability to financial institutions of all sizes through a Software as a Service model, allowing them to differentiate themselves in the marketplace in terms of product offering and customer service.

Oracle Health Insurance Value-Based Payments Cloud Service

Instead of the traditional volume-based fee-for-service model, payers are contracting and collaborating with providers in new value-based payment approaches. These models represent an evolution in clinical and payment methodologies aimed at creating better quality and cost outcomes, greater provider accountability, and improving cost efficiency. Oracle Health Insurance Value-Based Payments Cloud Service is a purpose-built, stand-alone platform for processing non-fee-for-service payments, allowing healthcare payers to improve service to plan members and providers while reducing administrative costs.

Oracle Insurance Data Exchange

Oracle Insurance Data Exchange enables carriers, producers and service providers to securely and rapidly exchange new business submissions, pending case status, service orders, commission statements and other data in real time through a single service, improving ease of doing business and enabling straight-through processing.

Oracle Marketing Cloud for Insurance

Oracle Marketing Cloud for Insurance helps insurance marketing professionals systematically deliver and track relevant marketing content that recruits new agents, brokerages, and financial advisors while promoting the brand and products, expanding the business, and lowering marketing costs.

Oracle Marketing Cloud for Wealth Management

Oracle Marketing Cloud for Wealth Management helps marketing professionals systematically differentiate a firm’s brand to advisors and clients, recruit additional advisor capacity, and enable advisors to achieve success by supporting a personalized and targeted communications strategy with relevant content between advisors and their clients.

Oracle Policy Automation for Insurance

Insurance organizations operate in a highly competitive market. To drive revenue and profit, insurers need to be more agile in how they automate processes to optimize complex underwriting, detect fraudulent and high-risk claims, perform accurate and consistent claims adjudication, and streamline customer service processes. In addition, changing market conditions, changing state and federal regulations, and the fluctuating economic climate all require constant modifications in the way business is done.

Oracle Sales Cloud for Financial Services

Oracle Sales Cloud for the Financial Services industry enables financial institutions to modernize their branches and take the customer experience to the next level. With a single 360° view of customer information and interactions, banks can build a personalized relationship with each customer and offer financial products and services that best suit a customer’s unique needs. With the addition of the integrated Marketing Cloud solution, banks can automate the process of identifying, nurturing and creating referrals to cross-sell products across any channel, including social, mobile and web.
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