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Oracle Database Cloud Overview: Accelerating Innovation and Slashing Operating Costs

Oracle Database Cloud Service comprises a full suite of offerings that lets you dial in the right capacity and service levels to meet your specific database and application needs. Within minutes you can provision cloud databases that offer fully automated or Oracle-managed administration and 100 percent compatibility with on-premises databases. As a result, you can slash operating costs, boost productivity, and accelerate your pace of innovation.

Oracle Database Cloud Service Solution Brief

Businesses are adopting cloud services at a breathtaking pace. Formerly the domain of market leaders and tech-savvy organizations, cloud services have become de rigueur for any organization that needs help with routine data management and business processing activities. Some of the most popular cloud offerings are database services that allow for a quick migration of data and data management functionality to a public cloud—commonly called database as a service (DBaaS). However, not all DBaaS vendors are created equal, and not all of them have the complete spectrum of capabilities available with on-premises databases. Download this Solution Brief to learn more.

Oracle Database Exadata Cloud Service: The enterprise cloud platform engineered for business-critical operations

The Exadata Cloud Service delivers on the true promise of the cloud—instant productivity, extreme elasticity, highly secured availability and lower costs and risks. Oracle does all the heavy lifting by managing the infrastructure, so your IT organization can work on innovations to better compete or focus on higher value tasks that contribute directly to growing the business. Read more to learn how the Exadata Cloud Service is a game changer for your business and the cloud.

Oracle Database Exadata Express Cloud Service Solution Brief

With the introduction of Oracle Database Exadata Express Cloud Service, Oracle’s flagship database machine is available as a cloud service that customers can license in small, affordable increments. These customers obtain extreme performance, high availability, and seamless integration with standard Oracle Database deployments—along with the ability to easily transition workloads from on-premises to the cloud and back again. Download this Solution Brief to learn more.
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