Data Visualization


Stunningly Visual

Visual Stories
Capture insights and comments to create an interactive story that you can share across the organization
Intuitive Interaction
A simple, seamless experience removes the boundaries between discovery and display, making it easy to see your data, work with visualizations, and create compelling dashboards and stories
Smart Patterns
Quickly see patterns by selecting data in one visualization, which highlights related data in everything else on the screen
Automatic Visualization
Visualizations display automatically based on the data you select, changing intelligently as you add more attributes or new filters

Self Service

Consumer Style
Everything you expect online, now for analytics – guided navigation and dynamic search integrated with interactive, contextual results
Easy Upload
Choose your file, see a preview, and start analyzing your data right away
Simple Mashup
Data from different sources is automatically connected, making it fast and easy to blend information for new perspectives
Easy Exploration
Everything on the screen is automatically connected, so you keep your context as you explore your data – no setup work required

Instant Mobile

Author Anywhere
Mobile isn’t just for viewing. Full mobile authoring is at your fingertips – all it takes is a touch
Any Device
See your analysis on any device, automatically – no coding required. Secure online and off
Dynamic Design
An adaptive approach optimizes the layout for phones and tablets, for an interface that’s easy to use on every device
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Call us now
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