Data as a Service (DaaS)



Be More Efficient
Get higher levels of targeting, greater efficiencies, and better results
Know Your Audience
Bring together various data segments to reveal who your audience is, what they do, what they buy, and where they go


Connect with Your Customer
Ensure the message your customer sees resonates with their needs and desires
Target Your Campaigns
Orchestrate the timing and context of your campaigns according to where consumers are in their buying journey


Validate that your campaigns are hitting their targets and delivering value
Understand ROI
Understand the return on your marketing spend
Identify high and low performing campaigns to optimize elements like audience, creative, and messaging

Data Providers

Trust the Largest
Engage with the largest global Data-as-a-Service solution with access to 2 billion global consumer profiles, $3 trillion in consumer transactions, and 1,500+ data partners
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See our complete list (HTML) of branded data partners available through the BlueKai Marketplace

Media Integrations

Connect to your customers across any media channel as we are fully integrated with over 200 major media companies, including publisher exchanges, ad networks, DSPs, DMPs, and agency trading desks
Get comprehensive consumer profiles that power personalization across digital, mobile, offline, and TV
Integrate with 200+ major media companies, including publisher exchanges, ad networks, DSPs, DMPs, and agency-trading desks
Reach your customers at all points of their journey with the Oracle ID Graph
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See a complete list (html) of our media integrations
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Call us now
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