What is the Oracle Compute Cloud Service?

Oracle Compute Cloud Service is an Infrastructure-as-a-Service solution that provides on-demand, scalable compute resources—virtual machines with the required networking and storage resources—in the public cloud.

What subscription options does Oracle Compute Cloud Service offer?

You can subscribe to the following Oracle Compute Cloud Service offerings:
  • Dedicated Compute: With this offering, you get a compute environment (called a site) that’s isolated at the hardware level. Your virtual machines (called instances) run on hardware that’s dedicated to you. You enjoy complete network isolation from other tenants. You can choose from Oracle's enterprise grade x86 or SPARC servers.
  • Compute: In this offering, which is priced lower than Dedicated Compute, your instances run on hardware that’s shared with other tenants.

What is the cost of each offering?

See the price list here.

What are the differences between the Compute and Dedicated Compute offerings?

The following table summarizes the feature differences between the Compute and Dedicated Compute offerings:
Feature Compute Dedicated Compute
Hardware isolation No Yes
Site-to-site VPN Available Available
Compute Capacity (OCPUs) Elastic, in increments of 1 500, 1000, 1500 or 2000 on x86 servers and 300 on SPARC servers
An OCPU is defined as the CPU capacity equivalent of one physical core of an Intel Xeon processor with hyper threading enabled, or one physical core of an Oracle SPARC processor. For Intel Xeon processor each OCPU corresponds to two hardware execution threads, known as vCPUs. For Oracle SPARC processors, one OCPU corresponds to eight hardware execution threads, also known as vCPUs.

What use cases are the Compute and Dedicated Compute offerings suitable for?

  • The Dedicated Compute offering is ideal when you want to move your apps to the public cloud but want to maintain hardware isolation from other tenants in the cloud, with the option to access your site through VPN tunnels. Dedicated Compute is suitable for workloads that require scalable resources and predictable performance.
  • The Compute offering is ideal when you want to rapidly provision and tear down virtual machines for test and development environments in the public cloud on a small scale.

Where can I find more information about Oracle Compute Cloud Service?

·      For technical FAQs, see the product documentation.
·      To get an overview of the service, watch this 2-minute video.
·      For more product documentation, tutorials, and videos, go to

Which operating systems is Oracle Compute Cloud Service compatible with?

Oracle Compute Cloud Service is compatible with several operating systems. Some images are provided by Oracle, and some are provided by Oracle partners.
Operating System Versions Image Provided by
Oracle Linux Oracle Linux 6.4 and 6.6 Oracle
  • Ubuntu Server 14.04-LTS amd64
  • Ubuntu Server 15.10 amd64
  • Ubuntu Server 12.04-LTS amd64
Oracle partner
CentOS CentOS 6 and 7 Oracle partner
Debian Debian 8 (Jessie) Oracle partner
Microsoft Windows
2008 R2
2012 R2
Oracle Solaris Oracle Solaris 11.3 Oracle
You can, of course, build your own image from scratch.

Windows Licensing Information

Who is responsible for the Windows license? Does Oracle provide it, or should I bring my own?

Oracle provides licenses for Windows instances on Oracle Compute Cloud Service. When you get a Windows image from Oracle Cloud Marketplace, the terms and conditions for using the image are displayed. You must read and accept those terms before you can create a Windows instance.

What about licenses for other Microsoft products? Can I use my own licenses to install Microsoft products on Oracle Compute Cloud Service Windows instances?

Yes, you can use License Mobility through Software Assurance to use licenses for other Microsoft products on your Windows instances. See

Can I use my own Windows license with Oracle Compute Cloud Service Windows instances?

No. If you want to create a Windows instance in Oracle Compute Cloud Service, you must use the Oracle-provided Windows images, available on Oracle Cloud Marketplace. A bring-your-own-licence (BYOL) model is not currently supported.

Oracle Compute Cloud Service allows me to create custom images and use them to create instances. Using the same process, can I create a Windows image and use it to create Windows instances in Oracle Compute Cloud Service?

No. If you want to create a Windows instance in Oracle Compute Cloud Service, you must use the Oracle-provided Windows images, available on Oracle Cloud Marketplace. A bring-your-own-VM (BYOVM) model is not currently supported.

What support, if any, does Oracle provide for Windows instances?

Oracle provides support for the operating system on Windows instances. Oracle doesn't provide support for any other Microsoft products or any third-party or open-source applications that you deploy on your Windows instances.

SPARC Compute

What is the SPARC Compute cloud service?

SPARC Compute is a new IaaS cloud infrastructure service that runs in Oracle Public Cloud. It is a simple, secure, and efficient cloud infrastructure for all enterprise workloads that leverages the unmatched security and performance of SPARC processors.

What kind of workloads does SPARC Compute support?

SPARC Compute is a highly efficient platform for running production, development, and test workloads for enterprise applications, databases and analytics.

Why is SPARC Compute delivered as dedicated capacity?

Dedicated compute capacity means that one customer has exclusive use of the hardware, eliminating concerns about other customers acting as noisy neighbors that impact performance or nosy neighbors that raise security concerns.

How does SPARC Compute in Oracle Public Cloud offer increased security for cloud applications?

SPARC Compute delivers unmatched data and application security through the Security in Silicon feature of the SPARC M7 processor. With virtually no performance impact, SPARC Compute offers public cloud users protection from attacks against their data in memory, data on media, or data transmitted over the network. Its unique Silicon Secured Memory protects cloud applications against memory read and write attacks and programming errors.

What are the performance advantages of deploying applications on SPARC Compute in Oracle Public Cloud?

SPARC Compute runs on the world’s fastest processor, the SPARC M7, which has set over 23 world records and dramatically outperforms x86 for Java, database, in-memory, and security workloads. SPARC Compute offers superior performance for real-time analytics through on-chip query acceleration and memory decompression. The SPARC M7 processor also delivers vastly more efficient virtualization than x86, so customers can run more applications in their cloud infrastructures with less resource and performance overhead.

Can I bring my existing Oracle software licenses to SPARC Compute?

SPARC Compute customers will be able to use their existing Oracle Database, middleware, and application software licenses according to the terms of those licenses and in compliance with Oracle’s IaaS policies.

What parts of my SPARC Compute environment will Oracle manage and what will I control?

Oracle will install, configure, and maintain in Oracle Public Cloud the hardware dedicated to a customer and set up the initial virtualized environment. Each customer will then have complete control over its secure and private virtualized user domain.

What kind of systems management tools will I be able to use on SPARC Compute?

You will be able to use the same management tools on SPARC Compute that you use for managing your SPARC servers in your own data center.

What will the initial offering of SPARC Compute look like?

The SPARC Model 300 provides 300 cores of dedicated virtual computing power and 32 TB of block storage running Oracle Solaris 11 in Oracle Public Cloud. Additional hardware and software configurations are under development.

How will SPARC Compute in Oracle Public Cloud be licensed?

SPARC Compute is an IaaS offering in Oracle Public Cloud that is licensed through an annual subscription with monthly billing.

Where will SPARC Compute be available?

SPARC Compute will be first available in Oracle Public Cloud data centers in the US. SPARC Compute will become available over time at other global Oracle Public Cloud data centers.

Where can I get more information about SPARC Compute in Oracle Public Cloud?

You can learn more about SPARC Compute in Oracle Public Cloud from the following web pages:
Call us now
1-800-633-0738 (United States)

Call us now
1-800-633-0738 (United States)

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