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What is the Oracle Big Data Discovery Cloud Service?

Oracle Big Data Discovery Cloud Service provides a set of end-to-end visual analytic capabilities that leverages the power of the Oracle Big Data Cloud Service and Apache Spark to turn raw data into business insight in minutes, without the need to learn specialist big data tools or rely only on highly skilled resources. The visual user interface empowers business analysts to find, explore, transform, blend and analyze data in the Oracle Big Data Cloud Service, then easily share results.

How does Oracle Big Data Discovery Cloud Service work with Big Data Cloud Service?

Oracle Big Data Discovery Cloud Service is tightly coupled with Big Data Cloud Service. As a result, it’s easy to take advantage of additional solutions including Big Data SQL, Oracle R Advanced Analytics for Hadoop (ORAAH), and Big Data Spatial and Graph. This streamlines comprehensive big data analysis, from evaluating prior trends to seeing new patterns and developing predictive models to address them.

What is a Data Lab?

Leading organizations are disrupting their industries by unlocking commercial value in big data. They start with data labs, complete environments for agile big data analytics experimentation and innovation, and increasingly look to the cloud to accelerate their strategy and execution. Together, Oracle Big Data Discovery Cloud Service and Big Data Cloud Service combine to provide a world-class data lab in the Cloud.

What kinds of problems can I solve with Oracle Big Data Discovery Cloud Service?

Oracle Big Data Discovery Cloud Service is ideal for answering questions and solving problems that are data-intense. A few examples include:

  • Immediate customer feedback on every purchase from the point of sale, brand/opportunity management
  • Audience analysis to create unique offers or programming
  • Portfolio analysis and management, risk analysis, fraud detection
  • Clinical research, genomics, quality of care, outcomes, supply chain management
  • Sensor analysis and predictive maintenance
  • Threat analysis, force readiness assessment

Do I need specialist skills to use Oracle Big Data Discovery Cloud Service?

No. Oracle Big Data Discovery Cloud Service is designed to be intuitive enough for anyone to use. Business Analysts and subject matter experts can easily blend and prepare diverse data sets, and then share the output with other resources that have access to the big data lab. Equally, specialists can take advantage of the latest big data tools including the machine learning capabilities of Apache Spark or the ad-hoc query capability of Cloudera Impala, leverage big data accelerators such as Oracle Big Data Spatial, Graph and Advanced Analytics for Hadoop to build new models that can be visualized and enhanced further in Big Data Discovery.

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