White Papers

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Virtual Cloud Network Overview and Deployment Guide

Learn about the Networking service and common deployment scenarios for an Oracle Cloud Infrastructure VCN.

Bastion Hosts: Protected Access for Virtual Cloud Networks

This paper presents best practices for bastion hosts and securing access to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure instances.

NAT Instance Configuration: Enabling Internet Access for Private Subnets

This white paper describes recommended steps for setting up a NAT instance in your VCN and configuring your private subnet to route internet requests through it.

Deploying Hyper-V on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure

This white paper will outline how to setup and configure the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure VCN and deploy the bare metal instance for Hyper-V and supporting network services.

VPN IPsec Tunnels with Cisco ASA/ASAv VTI on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure

Solutions Guide for using ASA/ASAv with the OCI DRG to create connections from on-premise networks to OCI VCNs.
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