Multiple Tunnels
Set up multiple site-to-site tunnels with your dedicated Compute Classic zone
Subnet Range
Configure a range of IP addresses for your Compute Classic instances
Cloud Access
Enable your Compute Classic instances to access other Oracle Cloud Infrastructure services


Configurable Pre-shared Key
Take advantage of symmetric key encryption using Pre-shared keys. This feature increases security and overall performance. You can change or reset the key anytime
Strong Encryption
Benefit from 128-bit AES encryption of your data that is exchanged between your data center and Compute Classic
High Availability
Ensure high availability of your VPN connection to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure. VPN devices are configured as a cluster


Simple UI and API
In a few simple steps, create your VPN gateway and VPN connection
Enterprise Grade Performance
Ensure additional security of your data that is sent from your data center to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure via the Internet
Public IP Address
Configure public IP addresses for Internet access
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Call us now
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