Centralized Control
Multiple site to site tunnels can be setup with Compute Classic zone using one single UI
Leverage Existing On Premise VPN Solutions
Support for customer’s existing VPN Gateway or use Oracle’s Software VPN gateways (CSG)
Split Tunneling Support
Instances can access internet and other Oracle services at the same time


Automated Key Creation, Distribution and Regeneration
Symmetric keys for IPSec tunnels are generated and pushed to the CSGs from Service Control Point (SCP)
Strong Encryption
All the data between customer’s data center and Compute Classic can be encrypted using 256 bit AES encryption
Advanced NAT and PAT abilities
New sites can be added quickly without renumbering sub networks or the networks of any existing site


Rapid Zero Touch Deployment
The services gateway is easily deployed through a fast and automated installation process with no local IT presence required
Role-based Administration
Portal allows administrator to create fine grained access policies for users
Network Visibility and Control
Services Gateways create end to end connections and inspect every session they handle
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Call us now
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