What is Oracle MySQL Cloud Service?

Built on the proven MySQL Enterprise Edition and powered by Oracle Cloud, Oracle MySQL Cloud Service provides a simple, automated, integrated and enterprise-ready database cloud service. Cloud tooling and management tools automates administrative tasks and the MySQL Enterprise Edition advanced features help ensure the highest levels of MySQL security, scalability and uptime. Oracle MySQL Cloud Services integrates with other Oracle Cloud Services to provide a seamless experience for application development and deployment, and Oracle Premier Support for MySQL is included.

Who is Oracle MySQL Cloud Service right for?

Oracle MySQL Cloud Service is ideal for customers looking to run MySQL database in a cloud environment.

Which MySQL versions are supported?

MySQL 5.7. In the future, we will support the last 2 versions of MySQL (For example, MySQL 8.0 and MySQL 5.7).

Which MySQL editions are supported?

MySQL Enterprise Edition.

Does Oracle MySQL Cloud Service support all features of MySQL Enterprise Edition?


What level of access do I get to my DB instance?

Customers can SSH onto each instance and will have full root access. Each instance must have at least one SSH key associated with it at creation time. In addition, MySQL root is supported.

What compute shape is supported?

All Oracle Compute shapes including General Purpose instances and High Memory instances are supported.

How are users defined in the service?

Database users are defined in the Oracle MySQL database(s) contained in the virtual machines you spin up. Each virtual machine included with this service has a privileged administrative user for that machine environment, as well as the standard administration users for MySQL within the machine. Each service also has an administrative user for the overall environment. You can define additional users with the environment management user console.

Is there any additional charge for support?

No. Support for both the MySQL Database and the MySQL Cloud service is included in the subscription price for these services.

Can I load additional 3rd party software?

Yes, you can load additional 3rd party software on any compute node associated with the service. However, 3rd party software support in not included. If the 3rd party software interferes with the automatic patch and upgrade feature provided by Oracle's MySQL Cloud Service, you will be asked to correct or uninstall the 3rd party software.

Can MySQL Cloud Service users install and use their Operating System of choice (Windows, Debian, etc.)?

No. MySQL Cloud Service is installed with Oracle Linux.

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