Mobile Apps
Support for native, hybrid, and no-code development, including SDKs for native apps, Cordova, and JavaScript Extension Toolkit (JET)
User-configurable, multichannel notifications (native, SMS, email, voice) for iOS, Android and Microsoft platforms
Data Sync
Manage offline data persistence and sync with enterprise systems
API Catalog
Search, browse, and consume services/APIs, or create your own interfaces to your backend systems and publish them to the catalog for shared use and consumption

Intelligent Bots

Open Bot Channels
Whether you are targeting popular messaging apps such as Facebook Messenger and Slack, conversational assistants like Apple Siri and Amazon Alexa, or adding chat to your web site, Oracle Intelligent Bots is open to support your chatbot needs.
Natural and Contextual Conversations
Using Artificial Intelligence (AI), Natural Language Processing (NLP) combined with a sophisticated state machine, Intelligent Bots can be quickly trained to interact and respond, in context of the conversation, enabling conversations that are more natural and engaging for users.
Easy to Develop and Train
Training a chatbot to understand topics is simple to get started. Using sophisticated Neural Networks and Machine Learning, your chatbots can come up to speed quickly with a few sample utterances (phrases) to build upon to intelligently understand the user intents.


Gather Relevant Data
Drive remedial improvements via multichannel actionable insights. The high performance lambda architecture efficiently captures and analyzes user interactions, so you can measure your apps constantly, update them quickly and realize immediate value.
Analyze for Business Results
Behavioral analytics to maximize digital traction by tracking usage, conversion and engagement metrics. Rich, easy to use analytics with highly customizable reports to track user/session metrics, funnel-step analysis, user segmentation, retention analysis and more.
Optimizing App Performance
Track app adoption, usage and performance via API/event metrics. Service level analytics to detect execution anomalies, locate failed calls and identify opportunities for performance enhancements.

Low Code, No Code Development

Cross Platform Development
Developers and business analysts can quickly create great looking mobile apps for both iOS and Android. Developing Apps is as easy as picking the required template and choosing from a rich set of controls to connect to your data, all with simple drag and drop.
Simple Deployment
Deployment is simply a matter of downloading the MAX container app from the relevant App store and using the device camera to scan the barcode for your app. 
Working Offline
MAX apps are now ready to work even if you are offline, just click the check box to enable offline working with no extra coding required. 
API First Approach
The simplicity of an API First approach and a common API Catalog gives MAX the ability to understand provided interfaces and leverage them in provided templates and components. This enables non-coding business users to build robust apps that connect to powerful backend enterprise systems.

Monitor and Manage

Real-time access to data on customer adoption, usage, performance, and satisfaction
Deliver applications and updates through consumer and enterprise app stores
Device and App Management
Initial and ongoing secure device and user access
Lifecycle Management
Manage multiple services/APIs and application versions in different stages of the lifecycle

Extend and Secure

Mobile Friendly
Define and shape services/APIs with new capabilities for mobile consumption
Location Services
Provide a 360-degree view of contextual location information to enhance mobile user decision making and engagement
Configure connectors to access and augment on-premises and cloud-based enterprise services
Use policies to achieve secure access and manage data, federate with Enterprise SSO, and integrate with Social Networks
User Management
Manage secure user access and preferences
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