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Check out this latest video featuring an overview of how Oracle Supply Chain Planning Cloud and Oracle Manufacturing Cloud and how they come together in the Oracle Plan to Produce business flow, which combines planning and manufacturing capabilities into a single flow.
Connected closed-loop quality from design to execution. See how information flows from product design, to Work in Process inspection tied to operation completion, to issue management, and finally enterprise change.
Rework a finished product due to a quality issue found after the unit was completed with the ability to plan, execute, and cost your rework. Additionally, you have full traceability for products on your shop floor.
Record the exact times a specific work order operation was either running or paused for a better understanding of shop floor operations.
Extend your manufacturing capabilities with outside processing operations. Define a supplier operation for outside processing and associate key details such as the preferred supplier, service item, expected lead time, and automatic shipment document generation.
Use visual tracking capabilities for serialized and lot-tracked finished products and components from the receipt of the component from suppliers, to the work orders and work centers that worked on the product, and to the final shipment to the customer.
View this video for a brief overview of Oracle's Plan to Produce supply chain solution for manufacturing and planning in the cloud.
View this video for a brief demo of Oracle Manufacturing Cloud for non-serialized manufacturing.
View this video for a brief demo of Oracle Manufacturing Cloud for serialized manufacturing.
Does the thought of upgrading your costly on-premises applications sound like a bear? Experience the core value proposition of moving to the cloud by realizing the benefit of partnering with a single, integrated cloud vendor – like Oracle.
In a trip through the modern supply chain, see how Oracle SCM Cloud provides end to end business processes throughout the supply chain.
Oracle Manufacturing Cloud enables efficient and productive manufacturing operations using a simple and intuitive user interface for shop floor execution. View this video to see how a Production Operator using Oracle Manufacturing Cloud can use a tablet or desktop to quickly and easily report production for standard and serialized products.
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