Warehouse Management Pricing

Warehouse Management Enterprise Edition
/ month per 1,000 warehouse transactions1
  • Inbound operations
  • Inventory operations
  • Warehouse task management
  • Outbound operations
  • Label designer
  • Integrate to material handling equipment
  • Mobile user interface for RF devices
  • Support for multiple clients and multiple locations
Warehouse Workforce Management
/ month per 1,000 warehouse transactions1
  • Warehouse task productivity goal times
  • Warehouse operator time entry
  • Warehouse operator productivity analysis
  • Mobile user interface for RF devices
Warehouse Management Business Intelligence
/ month per 1,000 warehouse transactions1
  • Configurable reports and dashboards
  • Ad hoc reporting
  • Monitor metrics against targets, benchmarks, and forecasts
  • Drill down from metrics into operational data
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  1. Hosted 1,000 warehouse transactions is defined as one thousand unique transactions processed through the Oracle Warehouse Management Cloud Service. For the purpose of this metric, hosted warehouse transactions means license plate numbers (LPNs) that have been shipped or consumed by use of this Oracle Cloud Service. An LPN is a method used in the warehouse management industry to identify the cases, pallets, cartons, totes, etc. into which inventory is packaged for shipping. A given order line within a hosted warehouse transaction will be packaged into one or more LPNs for shipping.
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Call us now
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