Warehouse Management Pricing

Warehouse Management Enterprise Edition
/ month per user1,2
  • Inbound operations
  • Inventory operations
  • Warehouse task management
  • Outbound operations
  • Yard management
  • Label designer and printing
  • Mobile user interface for RF devices
  • Support for multiple locations and multiple companies
Warehouse Workforce Management
/ month per user1
  • Warehouse task productivity goal times
  • Warehouse operator time entry
  • Warehouse operator productivity analysis
  • Mobile user interface for RF devices
Warehouse Management Automation
/ month per warehouse facility3
  • Integrate to material handling equipment
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  1. Minimum of 20 users for this service.
  2. Includes Warehouse Management Business Intelligence.
  3. Minimum of 1 warehouse facility for this service. Warehouse facility is defined as a warehouse location where Oracle Warehouse Management Enterprise Edition Cloud Service is integrated with one or more types of material handling equipment systems. Examples of material handling equipment include: conveyors, pick/put-to-light systems, carton sorters, tilt tray sorters, automated storage, and retrieval systems.
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Call us now
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