Warehouse Management

Next-Generation WMS
Leverage the secure, scalable, and flexible WMS, built for the cloud.
Customer Centric Fulfillment
Support multi-channel demand and execution processes so customers can buy anywhere, fulfill anywhere, and return anywhere.
Global Inventory Visibility
Get complete visibility into inventory from distribution centers down to the store shelf.

Yard Management

Yard and Trailer Management
Manage yard locations and trailers including complete traceability of arrival and departure times.
Improve Facility Throughput
Improve coordination of yard-to-dock movements.
Better Supply Chain Visibility
View trailer location and inventory contents from in-transit, to yard, to dock door.

Warehouse Workforce Management

Set Goals
Set material-handling goal times for warehousing tasks and activities.
Measure Actuals
Measure actual material handling times including operator start, break, and end times.
Analyze Labor Productivity
Compare goals to actuals to better manage your workforce.
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