Global Trade Management Pricing

Global Trade Management
/ month per $1M annual revenue1
  • Automated trade content upload
  • Centralized master trade data repository
  • Easy and proper product classification
  • Fast and accurate restricted party and sanction screening
  • Packaged integration with E-Business Suite
Trade Compliance
/ month per $1M annual revenue1
  • Manage and execute compliance policy
  • Hold transactions subject to trade controls
  • Assign licenses and release shipments
  • Determine and produce required trade documents
Customs Management
/ month per $1M annual revenue1
  • Manage and execute customs procedures
  • Virtually consolidate shipments for document and filing generation
  • Determine required filings and documents
  • Automate customs filing procedures and responses
Trade Intelligence
/ month per $1M annual revenue1
  • Configurable dashboards with user-defined metrics
  • Monitor metrics against targets, benchmarks, and forecasts
  • Role-based alerting
  • Drill down from metric into supporting trade data
  • Ad-hoc querying and reporting
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  1. Hosted $M in application annual revenue is defined for purposes of Oracle Global Trade Management Cloud Service as one million United States dollars (or the equivalent amount in local currency stated in the order) in all income (interest income and non-interest income) before adjustments for expenses and taxes generated by you during a fiscal year.
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