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Showcase your product to customers and generate leads using Oracle Jump Start.
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Jump Start is the quickest way for your potential customers to demo, launch, and learn about your solutions and services built on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure. There are 3 Jump Start programs that you can participate in to best reach your potential customers.


Jump Start Demo

Jump Start Demo allows you to create a live running demo environment deployed directly on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure for your customers. The customer simply registers with you and within minutes they will be logged into to a fully functional deployment of your solution on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure. Jump Start Demo labs are free for your customers and is the easiest way to showcase your solution and generate highly qualified leads.

Jump Start Learning

Jump Start Learning allows you to create deep technical self-paced, hands-on training labs. Through these training labs, your customer will walk away with deep technical knowledge on implementing, configuring, and/or operating your product. Jump Start Learning labs can be offered to your customer for free or for a small fee. Your choice.

Jump Start Launch Coming Soon

Jump Start Launch allows you to delivery production-ready reference deployments of your products or solutions. You customers will be able to quickly deploy your product directly into their Oracle Cloud Infrastructure account for dev/test, PoC, pilot, pre-production, or production. Jump Start Launch allows your customers to deploy your solution directly onto Oracle Cloud Infrastructure for their own use.

Join the Jump Start program

Why should you publish a Jump Start?
  • Offer with Jump Start generate more leads and interest than solution not using Jump Start
  • Enable Oracle field sellers to better understand your product for co-sell efforts
How to join the Jump Start program
Connect with us. Email us and please include:
  • A short description/spec of your product or solution
  • A simple architecture diagram of your product or solution
  • Company name, location, and target market
  • Jump Start program you're most interested in (Jump Start Demo, Jump Start Launch, Jump Start Learning, all)
If you’re already and Oracle partner, you’ll also want to engage your Partner Development Manager or Partner Solutions Architect.
Once we receive your information, the Jump Start team will contact you via email with further questions and next steps.
Call us now
1-800-633-0738 (United States)

Call us now
1-800-633-0738 (United States)

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