Digital Twin
Interact with virtualized software representations of assets
High-Speed Messaging
Enable reliable, secure, and bi-directional communication between devices and the cloud
Sensors & Gateways
Support for industrial protocols, backhaul WAN technologies, and transport protocols like RESTful and MQTT


Stream/Event Processing
Real-time analysis of incoming data streams with event aggregation, filtering, and correlation
Augment device data with reference data from backend systems
Ad-Hoc Exploration
Explore multivariate device data using ad-hoc queries written in Spark SQL


Digital Thread
Dynamically dispatch critical IoT data and events to applications and process flows using built-in integrations
API-based integration with Oracle and non-Oracle Apps and IoT devices
Command & Control
Receive critical status updates, and send messages and real-time commands from enterprise and mobile apps, independent of device connectivity


Machine Learning
Identify anomalies and create predictive models using built-in machine learning algorithms
Predictive Twin
Use Digital Twin to model and simulate future asset states and behaviors
Transform predictions into a set of recommended actions that can generate business value
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