What is Oracle Internet of Things Cloud Enterprise?

Oracle Internet of Things (IoT) Cloud Enterprise is a secure and scalable platform to help organizations quickly build and deploy IoT applications and fully capture and analyze their IoT data. It enables organizations to enhance and extend enterprise applications with data and information streaming from connected devices.

Oracle Internet of Things Cloud Enterprise provides the capability to analyze massive amounts of IoT-related information, at scale, from connected devices in real time. In keeping with Oracle's focus on industries, Oracle IoT Cloud Enterprise is well suited for use cases like remote equipment monitoring & maintenance for the industrial manufacturing industry, and asset tracking in the logistics/transportation industry. Oracle IoT Cloud Enterprise enables organizations to easily connect to IoT devices, analyze data in real time, and seamlessly integrate applications and business processes with IoT data. It offers flexible topologies for devices to connect – using client libraries, gateway software, or directly using REST APIs. The product is tightly integrated with both the Oracle Cloud Platform (PaaS) and Oracle SaaS services, including Oracle Business Intelligence Cloud Service, allowing business users to perform BI analytics on data processed by Oracle IoT Cloud Enterprise.

Why Should I choose Oracle IoT Cloud Enterprise?

Many of the market offerings for the Internet of Things that focus on specific functions, such as device connectivity/management, either are closely coupled, siloed integrations between a device and an enterprise application, or loosely integrated, existing middleware elements within third-party cloud environments. In contrast, Oracle IoT Cloud Enterprise is a cloud platform built to enable business opportunities, whether through enabling predictive maintenance, tracking the movement of perishable items, or delivering best of class customer service. IoT Cloud Enterprise delivers the following capabilities:

  • Connect: Reliably and securely collect data from any device, in any market, and accelerate your time to market with an open, secure, and scalable platform.
  • Analyze: Perform Big Data and predictive analytics in real-time, delivering insights into streamed IoT data and events, identifying new services and improving customer satisfaction through enriched enterprise data.
  • Integrate: Use open interfaces and pre-built integrations with Oracle's PaaS and SaaS offerings to reduce the total cost of ownership for applications and processes enriched with IoT data.
  • Learn: Identify anomalies and create predictive models using built-in machine learning algorithms, simulate future asset states and behaviors, and transform these predictions into a set of recommended actions that can generate business value.
Oracle IoT Cloud Enterprise enables rapid innovation and proof of concepts and then subsequent rapid scaling as demanded by the needs of these IoT-based applications.

Who benefits from Internet of Things Cloud Enterprise?

Oracle Internet of Things Cloud Enterprise addresses the top-of-mind concerns in departments spanning your entire organization:

Product Development
Through real-time analytics and integration of IoT data into core ERP and Service Management, generate a real-time view into product use and gain advance notice of potential issues requiring service personnel engagement. Monitor IoT data to analyze product performance and failures to discover predictive maintenance needs and identify key notifiable events. Deliver improved utilization of service personnel to help enable scheduling and prioritization based on need, resulting in higher product up-time, increased revenues, and higher customer satisfaction.

Whether assets are being tracked to enable usage-based business models or to ensure achievement of SLAs, Oracle IoT Cloud Enterprise plays a key role by ensuring the secure and reliable collection of IoT data for real-time analysis and integration into the core business systems such as ERP, Transportation and Billing. Asset status is constantly monitored to enable early warning of issues that might result in outages or failure to achieve on-time delivery.

IT Development
The growing proliferation of connections of devices to core IT systems can raise concerns in the IT organization, including in security, the cost of connectivity, top and bottom-line cost, scalability, and integration. The capabilities of Oracle IoT Cloud Enterprise include secure messaging, adherence to proven, cloud-based, open standards, the assurance that proof of concept development can be done safely, rapidly, and at low cost, and that deployment can be achieved at scale by use case.

How do you collect data from devices for Oracle IoT Cloud Enterprise?

Oracle IoT Cloud Enterprise provides several options for directly and indirectly connected devices to enable the secure, reliable, bi-directional transaction of IoT data. Oracle IoT Cloud Enterprise is agnostic to the device type, whether it is directly or indirectly connected, and to the method and frequency of connectivity. Connected, authorized devices are virtualized within Oracle IoT Cloud Enterprise, exposing the device as a set of always available services to the downstream application, removing the need for the enterprise application developer to be concerned about device connectivity or availability. The options for connecting devices to IoT are as follows:

Oracle IoT Cloud Enterprise Client Libraries: available in source and binary form under open source license, these components are available to the device developer to include within their device applications to enable secure, reliable connectivity of their device with Oracle IoT Cloud Enterprise. Client Libraries are available for a variety of platforms including C Posix, Windows, mbed, Java, Android, Javascript or iOS.

Oracle IoT Cloud Enterprise Gateway: a ready to deploy Java SE-Embedded Application for gateway class devices running Java SE Embedded (included). The application provides a full set of capabilities for reliable and secure messaging, and includes a device adapter framework to enable the capture and connectivity for devices not able to connect directly due to protocol support (eg: Bluetooth, ZWave, Modbus, OPC) or for security reasons.

RESTful APIs: for development requirements not addressed by the Client Libraries or IoT Cloud Enterprise Gateway, the services of Oracle IoT Cloud Enterprise are exposed as a set of RESTful APIs.

In addition to providing these freely available connectivity options, Oracle is also working with a variety of device and gateway manufacturers whose products complement Oracle IoT Cloud Enterprise, in order to deliver complete solutions to specific markets and customers.

Does Oracle IoT Cloud Enterprise work with other Oracle Cloud Services?

Oracle Internet of Things Cloud Enterprise provides out-of-the-box integrations with Oracle Mobile Cloud Enterprise, Oracle Business Intelligence Cloud Service, Oracle’s JD Edwards EnterpriseOne, Oracle Big Data Cloud Service & and Oracle Storage Cloud Service (does not include subscription). In addition, customers can easily connect to enterprise applications including Oracle E-Business Suite, Oracle Transportation Management, or Oracle Service Cloud.

What about security?

As a top priority for Oracle, security has been designed into Oracle IoT Cloud Enterprise from the ground up to facilitate the creation of identity and trust relationships with the device and application endpoints. The lifecycle of connected endpoints and devices (direct or indirect) is managed by Oracle IoT Cloud Enterprise from initial registration, through activation, until eventual retirement. Within this process, the endpoints are uniquely registered and authenticated according to policies set by the user, implemented using OAuth2, and all messaging is encrypted using HTTPS. Combining these capabilities with the underlying security capabilities of the Oracle Public Cloud delivers on Oracle's prioritization of security for IoT.

How do I get started with Internet of Things Cloud Enterprise?

You can learn more about Oracle IoT Cloud Enterprise by visiting cloud.oracle.com/iot where you will find videos, solution briefs, whitepapers and an eBook to introduce you to the solution. Then contact your Oracle Sales Representatives if you're interested in learning more and be sure to ask about an IoT Discovery Workshop from Oracle.

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