Auto-Associated SaaS connections
An Environment pre-loaded with connections to all Oracle SaaS applications you have subscriptions to
Native SaaS Adaptors
Best-in-class SaaS adaptors to accelerate integration with your cloud assets
Secure On-Premises Integration
Secure and seamless integration with enterprise applications and systems in your data-center
Open Adapter SDK
Simple and extensible architecture for creation of new adapters


Intuitive Visual Designer - Mobile Ready
Rich Point and click browser-based designer to build integrations anywhere - on your computer or your favorite tablet
Oracle Recommends™
Smart Data Mapper provides accurate recommendations using Oracle Recommends™
Business User Friendly
Business friendly terminology combined with videos and tutorials for ease of use
Publish your integrations as an API for external consumption

Monitor and Manage

End to End Visibility
Simple and powerful search to help you zero in on transactions of interest. Comprehensive drill-down capabilities for detailed auditing and analysis
Monitor KPIs
Real-time insight into key performance indicators on a high-performance visual dashboard
Robust Error Management
Rapidly detect and diagnose errors for corrective action


Pre-Built Integrations
Portfolio of pre-built integrations available for immediate use as-is, or customizable for your business requirements
Cloud Marketplace
Pre-built adapters and integrations, published by Oracle and Oracle partners
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Call us now
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