Oracle Integration Cloud Service Customer Testimonials

"ICS is an interactive tool that doesn't require any specific skills. We were able to deploy our solution really fast. Calix was looking for a single platform for all of our integrations."
Jill Von Berg, Ravigopal Gade
VP IT, Senior Director IT
"The reason Oracle Integration Cloud Service appealed to us is because we have a variety of cloud solutions as well as internal on-premises applications that need to integrate and work together as one connected piece."
Fari Ebrahimi
SVP and Global Chief Information Officer
"The whole mindset is different. Now you're just building an integration and activating it on the fly."
Sampath Kurra
Sr. Developer, Integration Team
Land O' Lakes
"I see ICS as a very lean platform. Its very easy to deal with. I see many applications for its use."
Fabio Souza
"It's just fascinating to see a vision come to life. Integration Cloud Service bridges the gap between what we've always wanted ... simplicity in integration and putting it into the cloud."
Faisal Ghadially
Technology Advisor
"Very simple, straightforward, very solid tool."
Marcelo Menard
Global Enterprise Architect
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Call us now
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