Transform the Future of Industrial Manufacturing

Transforming the future of industrial manufacturing demands a scalable cloud platform. See how Oracle can help you start your ideal journey to the cloud.

Industry Trends

New Digital Business Models
Revolutionary technologies including cloud and the internet of things are empowering industrial manufacturers to develop new business models. Learn how Oracle is leading the way.
Accelerating Innovation
To take advantage of opportunities presented in the digital era, manufacturers need to step up their adoption of a range of new technologies. In this issue of Manufacturing Leadership Journal, learn how Oracle does it.
The fourth global industrial revolution (4IR) is here, bringing with it new technologies and techniques that will change the products, processes, and supply chains involved in every aspect of industry.
Transformative Technologies
Blockchain technology promises to create new levels of trust, transparency, and efficiency that will transform the way companies and industries manage and operate future supply chains.
The Path to Cloud PLM
Cloud services have swept across the landscape, fundamentally changing the market in several domains, and PLM is poised to be next.
Adapt to Change
Streamline your entire production cycle, adapt to change, and deliver quality products on time with flexible production capabilities with digital manufacturing.

Industry Solutions

With new augmented reality, machine vision, digital twin, and data science capabilities, Oracle Industry 4.0 enables organizations to gain rich insight into the performance of assets, machines, workers, and vehicles. This allows organizations to optimize their supply chain, manufacturing, and logistics, reduce time to market for new products, and enable new business models.
Oracle's Connected Digital Innovation solution is a modern cloud platform that enables a digital thread to track the product lifecycle, from idea inception through release, in-field use, and service.
Oracle's Lead-to-Cash for the Digital Age solution provides the foundation for an omnichannel customer experience and gives your company the flexibility to support new revenue models such as offering products as a service.
Oracle's Integrated Business Planning solution provides real-time supply chain visibility, adaptive demand management, responsible sales and operation planning, and helps a company adapt quickly to changes in the demand by adjusting production, distribution, and procurement.
Oracle's Digital Supply Chain with Blockchain industry solution offers a distributed digital ledger with Smart Contracts—used for executing agreements between multiple parties—which can help make transactions more transparent, maintain product provenance at every level, improve supply chain efficiencies, and reduce costs.
Oracle's Adaptive Digital Manufacturing solution provides a powerful set of tools for monitoring assets and processes in real time. The solution delivers predictive insights and rule-based alerts on IoT data, the converging and contextualizing of enterprise data with operational data, the utilization of adaptive intelligence to seek out hidden insights in the big data, and the implementation of closed loops to enable faster corrective actions based on the insights. The result is a digital productivity solution with an ability to assist and adapt to the dynamic manufacturing needs and circumstances.
Oracle's Smart Connected Factory solution helps manufacturing companies to better predict and resolve maintenance requirements, correlate quality issues to machine and environmental factors, reduce downtime, and improve quality.
Consumer demand volatility, human errors, and market competition are constantly putting pressure on your environment to improve efficiencies, quality, and safety. Oracle provides a modern platform to collaboratively manage and improve your warehouses' operations by connecting equipment, quality sensors, and workers to the warehouse process. Oracle's Smart Connected Warehouse helps to better predict maintenance and quality issues, reduce downtime, improve inventory, space optimization, and product traceability, and gives a 360-degree view of operations.
From streamlining transportation networks to fine-tuning warehouse operations, companies can rely on Oracle's Digital Logistics solution to manage their supply chains, accelerate fulfillment activities, and simplify a wide range of business processes.
Oracle's innovative Digital Field Service (DFS) solution for asset and service-intensive industries is an integrated platform that can help run a service business and optimize mobile service scheduling and routing.
Most discrete manufacturing companies are on a path toward offering subscription-based consumption models. Oracle's Digital Service and Monetization solution helps these companies offer a spectrum of new business models ranging from subscriptions for consumables and services, to products as a service.
The Oracle Quote to Cash for Logistics Service Providers solution provides the foundation needed to support freight contract negotiations as well as helping your customer service representatives quote "spot rates" for one-time or infrequent customers.
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