In-Memory Cost Management Cloud

Maximize Revenue. Increase Profits. Optimize Operational Costs and Working Capital.

With In-Memory Cost Management Cloud, define an enterprise-wide cost strategy, simulate unlimited what-if scenarios, and perform cost, margin, and profitability analyses—all in real time.

Real-Time Cost and Profitability Analysis

Perform complex, multi-dimensional profitability analyses and maximize margins by rapidly slicing and dicing historical, planned, and forecasted sales data.

Derive Accurate Costs

Synthesize planning costs across multiple manufacturing locations, processes, and contract manufacturers to derive "should cost".

Optimize Operational Costs and Working Capital

Create unlimited cost scenarios, perform comparisons, and drill deep into product costs to identify cost outliers and tradeoffs.

Identify Most Profitable Product Mix

Perform cost and profitability analyses to identify the most profitable product mix and break-even point, in real time.


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